Legendary ‘Tom & Jerry’ and ‘Popeye’ Animator Gene Deitch has Died Making our Childhood Memories

Legendary ‘Tom & Jerry’ and ‘Popeye’ Animator Gene Deitch has Died Making our Childhood Memories

Almost all are blessed with a Happy and Endearing Childhood. Being Nostalgic is one of the persistent anti-depressants ever discovered in psycho-medicine history. Almost Everyone has Grownup Watching Tom and Jerry. Legendary ‘Tom & Jerry’ and ‘Popeye’ Animator Gene Deitch has Died Making our Childhood Memories.

The legendary creator of ‘Tom & Jerry’ and ‘Popeye’ animator Gene Deitch has died, aged 95. Millions of innocent smiles and laughter are on his credit, he is the man to honour, to bow and to remember ALWAYS AND ALWAYS!

Legendary ‘Tom & Jerry’ and ‘Popeye’ Animator Gene Deitch has Died Making our Childhood Memories

Let’s go back to the most precious time of everyone’s life, “juvenile childhood” when the most enchanting and thrilling time was to rest in couches and watch desired cartoons like Tom & Jerry and Popeye. When our mothers tempted us to eat spinach to get powers like Popeye, “eat your spinach, so you grow big and strong like Popeye!”

Gene Deitch was present in every house across the world in the form of his animated characters Tom, Jerry, and Popeye.

The sad news of Deitch’s death shook the world over the weekend, with the Oscar award-winning animator, filmmaker, and illustrator passing away in his Prague home at age 95.

Gene Deitch Quivering Death has Bereaved Animated Entertainment Industry

Gene Deitch lived the true life of an artist and has left behind a wealth of animated entertainment for many generations to hold with dignity and laughs.

Born in Chicago in 1924, the California-raised Gene Deitch (real name Eugene Merrill Deitch) made his way into the fairy-tale world of animation following a brief military career. By 1960, he was already winning Academy Awards and had been previously nominated for an Oscar in 1958 for his film Sidney’s Family Tree. He was a man of exceptional talent and creativity and knows how to play joyfully with animated characters to mesmerize the world. Deitch was best known for his classic work on Tom and Jerry as well as Popeye; that is still relished and adored today.

Thanks, Gene Deitch, for making our childhood memories!

His fans in social media began to pour tributes

Gene Deitch (1924 – 2020)

Thank you Gene for making my childhood awesome.

“Tom & Jerry And Popeye Director”#GeneDeitch

Rest in Power #GeneDeitch  The creator of Tom & Jerry, Popeye and Munro. Thank you for creating such immortal characters that will keep adding smiles to everyone’s childhood.  You will be missed, your work will travel through many generations. Your art will be remembered.

Thank you Sir Gene Deitch, for making ours childhood so fun I believe, future generations will be loving the show because there’s not a single person present who didn’t liked watching  the iconic ‘Tom and Jerry’ and Popeye Cartoons

??Rest in peace?? #GeneDeitch  #To

R.I.P Gene Deitch. You lived the artist life and impacted countless generations. It’ll never be forgotten.

The world will never forget you, Deitch,

Deitch and his first wife and fellow animator moved to Prague in 1959 and whilst living there, he created over 70 animated films, seven television series’, and even wrote a memoir about being an American living in Prague during the Communist dictatorship. The legendary filmmaker directed 13 episodes of Tom and Jerry as well as some of the Popeye the Sailor series. In 2004, Deitch received the coveted Winsor McCay Award as a recognition for his life-long contribution to the animated film world. His death came unpredicted and he leaves his sons who are stepping stones of his father and are working as cartoonists and animators themselves.

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