Kashmore ASI Family Awarded Rs2mn for ‘Exemplary Initiative’ in Arresting Rape Suspect

 Kashmore ASI Family Awarded Rs2mn for ‘Exemplary Initiative’ in Arresting Rape Suspect

Kashmore’s incident has shuddered the nation sick to the core. Through the length and breadth of brutality, the cracking fore-end is to pay homage to Kashmore Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Mohammad Bux Buriro and his family. What he has done is beyond humanity and his official dimensions. He used his daughter to arrest debauchers. The nation is proud of you…you have revived the nation’s trust in police! Kashmore ASI Family Awarded Rs2mn for ‘Exemplary Initiative’ in Arresting Rape Suspect.

Sindh police, civil society members, and government bigwigs on Monday paid tribute to Kashmore Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Mohammad Bux Buriro and his family for the “exemplary initiative” they take on to recuperate a child who had been sexually assaulted as well as to catch the main suspect of the case. ASI’s batting to thousand is highly appraisable.

Kashmore ASI Family Awarded Rs2mn for ‘Exemplary Initiative’ in Arresting Rape Suspect

In a ceremony, Sindh inspector general of police announced a cash reward of Rs2 million for the ASI and his family. Last week, police had accomplished to snitch a man suspected of raping a woman and her minor daughter for two days after conning the former with a job offer in northern Sindh’s Kashmore district.

According to Kashmore Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Amjad Ali Shaikh!!

“The victim’s statement was full of horrifying details. She had been raped by the suspect when she reached his residence. He then handed her over to another man living near the Sindh-Balochistan border. That man also allegedly raped the woman. The suspect held her five-year-old daughter hostage, saying he would only let her go when she brought him another woman from Karachi.”

“The suspect also gave her some money to cover her travel expenses. To trap the suspect, ASI Burriro swayed his wife to talk to the man over the phone. Later, his daughter, along with the dupe, waited in a park in Kashmore where the suspect was booked to meet them. The suspect was seized by the police as soon as he arrived and led police to a cattle pen where he had kept the young girl.”


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ASI Burriro became ardent while describing traumatizing details

Sindh IGP Mushtaq Mahar put on a pedestal the ASI and said,

“Many police officials had sacrificed their lives in the line of service, Burriro’s case was “unique” as the ASI not only overcame the cultural boundaries of Kashmore’s tribal areas but also risked his daughter’s safety to save the minor victim and catch the suspect. I would recommend the government to award the ASI with the prestigious Tamgha-i-Shujaat, while his daughter, who had helped the police lay out a trap for the suspect, to be awarded the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz. I have served the police for 32 years but this is a moment of pride for me.”

Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab commended ASI and his family on his bravery

“The society should emulate the same values shown by the police official. I would recommend IGP Mahar to set up a team of police officers to deal with cases of gender-based violence.”

District Inspector General (Administration) Amin Yousufzai said,

“The event was historic as such ceremonies were usually only held for senior officials. ASI Mohammed Bux may be junior in ranks but he is bigger than us in terms of sacrifice and humanity.”

Erstwhile, when the ASI and his family landed up at the venue, they are welcomed with a police band presenting a salute. The salute was also presented to other police officers namely Deputy Superintendent Mohammed Panah, Inspector Khero, Habibullah Mahar, Malik Ghulam Abbas, Nadir Husain, and Himat Ali who also took part to recapture the minor girl and arrest of the suspects.

It is huge! and we being a nation should acknowledge the gallant stance on every level.

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