Karachi Ranks 2nd Largest Consumer of Cannabis Globally- What a Shame

 Karachi Ranks 2nd Largest Consumer of Cannabis Globally- What a Shame

Karachi is the Largest Metropolitan City and Market Hub of the whole Country. The City of Quaid is facing enormous domestic issues. Meanwhile, Its Consumption of Cannabis is one of them.  According to a new study, Karachi is the 2nd-largest Consumer of Cannabis in the world with 41.95 Metric Tons per Year. Cheap rates may be the reason why Cannabis Consumption is too high in Karachi. Karachi Ranks 2nd Largest Consumer of Cannabis Globally- What a Shame.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where Cannabis is Legal, is ranked 56th with an annual consumption of 3.6 tons. And it is just a 10th of Karachi.

According to a 2013 UN survey, cannabis was the most widely consumed drug in Pakistan with around four million users, representing almost 3.6 percent of the population.

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Karachi Ranks 2nd Largest Consumer of Cannabis Globally- Shame

Weed may be illegal in Pakistan, but that doesn’t Stop the Metropolitan City of Pakistan to Consume a whole lot of it. In the 2018 Index Report, Karachi was named the 2nd Largest Cannabis Consumer. In 2019, Karachi once again Ranked HIGH in Cannabis Consumption.

As per the ABCD report in 2019, only New York is above with almost 77 Metric Ton Consumption of Cannabis. Karachi consumes 41.95 Metric Tons or 41.950 kgs Cannabis per year. Mumbai, Delhi is the only other Asian Cities to join Karachi in this Top 10 list Globally.

Side-effects of Consumption of Cannabis in the World

Although cannabis is associated with “Bohemian” European cities like Amsterdam and Berlin. The only other European city besides London on the list is Moscow in Russia, which was ninth on the list.

However, Consumption of Cannabis is in itself not a Criminal offense. But possessing more than Precise amount is illegal and can lead to Prison Sentence. Perhaps, none of the cities on the top 10 are particularly cannabis-friendly. So, the lack of legality seems to have hardly any effect on its consumption.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) warns that cannabis is nevertheless a drug capable of unhealthy dependencies.  Unlike opioids, alcohol, tobacco, and nicotine, cannabis is, however, believed to be far less addictive as a drug. Research also indicates cannabis is said to have benefits when used medicinally or for recreational use.

People are ONCE AGAIN calling out KARACHI for all the WRONG REASONS

Minister Fawad Ch. can never leave an opportunity to hit at the Government of Sindh.

So, the authorities in Pakistan need to pay heed to this rising issue of Cannabis. Since we know its consumption is not going away anytime soon. So, let’s legalize it to avoid unconditional and uncontrolled Consumption.

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