Karachi Police Rescue TWO Children Tortured and Kept in Chains by Stepmother

 Karachi Police Rescue TWO Children Tortured and Kept in Chains by Stepmother

It seemed that we have viewed a horror and heart-ripping video clip in which two kids were chained, isolated, starved, and undressed by a stepmother. How a woman regardless of being “step” can embroil in subhuman oppression of two children in Karachi’s Gulberg area. Karachi Police Rescue TWO Children Tortured and Kept in Chains by Stepmother.

Gulberg Karachi Residents Intruded the HOUSE OF HORROR to free the Victims

Appalling details emerged on Monday when the residents in the Gulberg area of Karachi intervened and got freed two fragile children, aged four and ten, from the manacles of their stepmother. Moreover, kids were naked and chained with the main gate of the house. The witch-like woman treated the children as they were ‘animals’ and intentionally kept them famished.

Residents of the area felt the pain and entered the house after receiving the disconcerting information about the children’s waning condition. The residents were shaken to know that the stepmother had kept the fledgeling children in chains for several days. A video was shot by a neighbour, the children can be seen tied with chains to the main gate of the house and looked very flimsy because of malnourishment.

ARY NEWS Reported the Unfortunate Incident of Violence against Children in Karachi

“A woman is accused of chaining and depriving her stepchildren of clothes after two of them were found in an inhumane condition by neighbours in the Gulberg area of the city. The children were living in a miserable condition, chained up without clothes, for at least five months, and were not even provided food on a regular basis.”


According to the female witness of the accused area

“As soon as I entered the premises, I found two children, ageing between four and 10-year-old, tied up with a chain and deprived of their clothes. Kids were weak and fragile, I tried to give some food to them but their stepmother intervened and asked us to leave their home, I filmed the entire episode, and deliver it to the ARY NEWS. The children’s mother, Ambreen, left her husband after being divorced and their father married another woman, named Asma, who was allegedly involved in treating children in a miserable manner.”

One of the children narrated his miserable life

“Our father is jobless, mother had left”

The incident also tinted the despondent role of the police played during the entire episode as it handed over the children to their stepmother even after knowing the vehemence, she committed against them.

Karachi Police Rescue TWO Children Tortured and Kept in Chains by Stepmother

Child right Activists Demand Strict Action

Once the tragic story was broken by ARY NEWS, well-known child rights’ activist Zia ur Rehman Advocate said,

“It is a criminal act to chain the children and deprive them of clothing and food, strict action should also be taken against those who handed them over to the stepmother. The children should had been shifted to a shelter home, and strongly condemned criminal negligence on part of the police and demanded of the chief justice Sindh High Court take notice of the incident.”

Vice-Chairman of the Sarim Burney International Welfare Trust Aliya Burney lauded the efforts of ARY NEWS

“ARY News department has done a great job in exposing such elements in the society and called for action against those responsible for such inhumane behaviour.”

Human rights activist Farzana Bari said

“It was the responsibility of the state to take care of children and punish the stepmother involved in such heinous acts. Why the father of the children played no role in rescuing the kids from the inhumane attitude of the stepmother. The negligent role of police in such cases should be accountable and supportive with the oppressor and they never refuse to register a case in such matters.”

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