Karachi Man Beats Motorcyclist With ‘Baseball Bat’ and A Lahori Guy thrashes a Waiter Badly: Humanity Dead

 Karachi Man Beats Motorcyclist With ‘Baseball Bat’ and A Lahori Guy thrashes a Waiter Badly: Humanity Dead

These are the high profile erudite perpetrators of our society….identify them and assist legitimate authorities to throw them behind the bars. The duo wretched incidents took place in the giant cities of Pakistan. Karachi Man Beats Motorcyclist With ‘Baseball Bat’ and A Lahori Guy thrashes a Waiter Badly: Humanity Dead!

Details, whereabouts and the victim’s misery is ripping and raising many questions on the moral standings and ethos. What would be the ethical reputations of the country where publicly on petty issues dapper in disguised of skulk thrash people.

Let us take you to view the real disgust where …incident place, felon, and apparent looks are cultured and refined but how they are cleaving humanity.

According to Karachi police..where Humanity is Traumatized

“The Karachi police detained a man, he hit a bike rider with a baseball bat for not giving him enough space to pass. The car driver brutally hit him with a baseball bat in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase II. The police arrived at the spot of the incident and shifted the car’s driver to the police station. He has been identified as Farooq. Due to a lot of people gathered around the spot and it did not let the car driver run away. The man was travelling with his family in a car when he got angry at the biker. The motorcyclist was badly beaten simply for not giving him enough space. Subsequently, he took out a baseball bat from his vehicle and hit the motorcyclist’s head.

Conferring to one of the Bystanders of the Vicious Incident

The victim began bleeding and lost consciousness as he was badly beaten by a solid object. The cruel man then started mercilessly dragging him to the side to make his way to flee. Someone called the police then and they arrived immediately, meanwhile, we did not let the cruel man leave the spot. Subsequently, the police officers took him and his car into their custody. Meanwhile, the wounded has been identified as Asif and been taken to a hospital.”

According to Defence SHO Muhammad Ali,

“Asif is a resident of North Nazimabad, who works as a driver in the defence area. Additionally, the victim is currently under treatment while the culprit is under police custody. If the victim decides to press charges, the car driver may also get arrested.

Now dig deep into what has happened at Hardees Lahore where a Fuming Rude Customer Smacks restaurant employee for placing the wrong order. Contemptible indeed!

Karachi Man Beats Motorcyclist With ‘Baseball Bat’ and A Lahori Guy thrashes a Waiter Badly: Humanity Dead

Hardees is one of the most well-known eateries in Pakistan. Almost everyone wants to enjoy the mouth-watering deals it offers. It offers high-end customer services and people are always lining up to try them out. Nevertheless, the incident took at Hardee’s is an obnoxious instance of maltreatment. A middle-aged man ordered some food from Hardees in Lahore and due to the slight misperception received the wrong food order. Even though these are the recurring types of culpabilities usually occurred at eateries.

A brutal Instance of Customer Violence

Even though, after being cash reimbursed, the man approached the employee and started thrashing him beyond humiliation. Twitterati demands strict action against the sick man. We highly appreciate the employee who did not retaliate back in the stern situation where anyone would have lost the temper.

All in all, we do anticipate to have fair justice, and the duo men would pawn the same disgust what they did to distort humanity. Regrettably, the recurring nature of inhumane instances is showcasing the direction of our society.

From the podium of Lahorified, we strongly condemn the prevailing Curse!

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