Junagarh Will Soon Be a Part of Pakistan – Nawab of Junagarh Announced

 Junagarh Will Soon Be a Part of Pakistan – Nawab of Junagarh Announced

The state of Junagarh is the same iffy and up in the air spot as Kashmir, but now the light in the dark tunnel is beaming, as a big announcement is made by the Nawab of the state. Junagarh Will Soon Be a Part of Pakistan – Nawab of Junagarh Announced.

It was a lordly state of Gujrat, ruled by the Muslim Babi dynasty in British India until its amalgamation with the union of India in 1948. But it remains a dream which is knotty yet.

A Sneak Preview of the times gone by

Nawab Bahadur Khan III in 1885, with officials!

The state of Junagarh was one of the 550 independent states which were given the right to choose the possible course of action to join either of the countries or remain independent. It was the decision of the Nawab of Junagarh, Muhammad Mahabat Khanji III, a Muslim. Nawab’s ancestors had ruled Junagadh and small domains for some two hundred years decided that Junagarh should become part of Pakistan. But it never happened.

It was our state, with all procedures done…

The Junagarh completed the whole course of action of accession to Pakistan. Pakistani leadership permitted this process and signed an instrument of accession with Nawab of Junagarh on 15th September 1947. The history of South Asia has perceived the Pakistani flag being raised in the state of Junagarh.

Lord Mountbatten was not intended to make Junagarh a part of Pakistan. Ensuing commotion concocted by India, Nawab of Junagarh reached Karachi on October 5, where he established the provincial Government of State of Junagarh there. Hence the affairs of defence, communication, and foreign policy of Junagarh were delegated to the Government of Pakistan.

India regardless of the consent of Nawab of Junagarh contravened the international law and exaggerate its disparaging activities in the region. The same which it has been doing with Kashmir, burning in the same anger and rage.

India objected to Two nation theory and justified its appalling activities

“The accession claiming is against the two-nation theory given by Jinnah because of the presence of a Large Hindu Population.”

Nevertheless, upon disavowal, India stoops down to its as always contemptible acts. The Indian Airforce bombed the state of Junagarh along with tanks and military vehicles and took over it on 9 November.

The state of Junagarh is a living hell like Kashmir since then because, the government of Liaquat Ali Khan, could not take any military measures against India which lead to the illegal military occupation of Junagarh. And that is known as the Black Day in the history of Pakistan. The loss of Junagarh was a major holdup to the Pakistan Drive. But it took more than 70 years to reform things and seems like India is soon going to mislay its hold on Junagarh as well.

Junagarh Will Soon Be a Part of Pakistan – Nawab of Junagarh Announced

In a press conference in Islamabad on Monday, Nawab Of Junagarh, Muhammad Jahangir Khanji has announced,

“The Indian occupied state of Junagarh will soon become a part of Pakistan. The UN should play its role in the freedom of Junagarh state from the illegal occupation of India. I would appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan to become an ambassador to Junagarh as he did in the case of Kashmir and help our state to liberate from the oppressing Indian occupation. Our ancestors had agreed to become part of Pakistan, but Indian forces illegally captured the state. We also thanked Imran Khan to include Junagarh as Pakistan’s territory in its new political map. Pakistan should also set up a secretariat of Junagarh in Pakistan to bring the princely state closer to the country.”

First time in the history OF Pakistan, any political party took a bold stance on issues like Kashmir and Junagarh, and it is PTI

The PTI government took a valiant stance and avowed Junagarh and Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir as a part of Pakistan in its new political map. Inshallah, Junagarh and Kashmir will get its freedom back and unite with Pakistan to form a greater and united state of South Asia.

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