John Cena is Graduate From The Islamic University Of Peshawar- WHAT?

 John Cena is Graduate From The Islamic University Of Peshawar- WHAT?

Pakistan is blessed with brainy and impish minds. On and off we experienced mind-blowing things and incidents that are beyond belief and logic. We do clue out the endless fantasy in the streets of the country wondering aimlessly. But Never Believed that WWE Champion would’ve been a graduate from Peshawar? John Cena is Graduate From The Islamic University Of Peshawar- WHAT?

Sometimes spiderman is flying ramp to ramp without having any sticking web power, on the other nook of the country, the groom is fanatically disguised as a batsman. But to the shattering reality, an American Heavyweight Champion and a Professional Wrestler ‘John Cena’ have his name written in the graduates passed out from the Islamia College, Peshawar.

Wait Wait Wait….Don’t Show Uncanny Facial Expressions, let us jumped into the funny details

It seems that nothing is impossible in Pakistan, even John Cena could be the passing graduate of Islamia College, Peshawar. The two times world heavyweight champion and holding a sum of massive 17 championships under his name, John Cena is the face of WWE globally. Despite being a professional wrestler, he also a famous rapper, an actor, and a television presenter.

The giant looking handsome guy has also spent time at the renowned Marine Corps SWAT team before joining the performance centre. But it is always remained secreted from the world that he also visited Pakistan and lived the life of a student at Islamia College, Peshawar. We know it is damn hilarious. We have proof to certify his presence in Pakistan. Recently, a merit list of Islamia College Peshawar for BS Computer Science has been issued, in which the name of John Cena was shining amongst all the dull students.

John Cena’s name was proudly shinning amongst the nikummay students along with parenting details, a son of another famous heavyweight wrestler, Undertaker. Oh, isn’t that amazing? But seems like Johnny Boy and Daddy-Taker aren’t at good terms with each other that’s why he chose to keep silent about their relationship.

Though it is funny and fake we would appreciate the pranking talent and skill of the trickster. Since the picture went viral, the administration of Islamia College took notice of the incident and put out John’s name from the list right away.

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