International Day Of Friendship is Celebrated in Pakistan

 International Day Of Friendship is Celebrated in Pakistan

On 30th July friendship day is celebrated all over the world. Friendship is a fascinating term and almost the whole world feels nostalgic when it comes to FRIENDSHIP. Although, childhood friendship stays in memory ever fresh. We make friends in every phase of our life. Nevertheless, school friends and some times a boy or a girl next to your door transforms into an immortal companion. International Day Of Friendship is Celebrated in Pakistan with much jubilant and passion.

“Friendship is strongly linked with contentment and pleasure"   


Why Friendship Day is Celebrated

Friendship day is joyfully celebrated globally, and also in Pakistan to promote human-bonding of love, care, respect and understanding with each other. A special day is announced universally to intensify the beauty of friendship. On the supposed day acquaintanceship is encouraged and recognized in its true authenticity.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are.”

Friendship Has Nothing to do with Cultural Hinderance

The companionship between two or more persons is not restricted by cultural boundaries. So, In Pakistan, the same day is energetically celebrated among all age groups. However, the core purpose is to strengthen humaneness and brace the well-being of relationships. In Pakistan, there is cultural diversity, and the friendship day is electrifyingly celebrated in the harmony of cultural conventions.

“Cultural exchange is a bridge to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the people of different nations”

International Day Of Friendship is Celebrated in Pakistan

Friendship Day is an opportunity to tell the Friend How Much he/she Means to You

A person is meager without being tied up in a relationship of friendship. 30th July gives you the opportunity to acknowledge your friend the value of his/her existence in your life. The supposed day gives a chance to remove tensions and conflicts that your friendship is negatively suffering, and gives the second chance to the most beautiful relationship.

“The importance of a good friend is like a heartbeat, invisible but obligatory for survival”

International Day Of Friendship is Celebrated in Pakistan


International Day Of Friendship is Celebrated in Pakistan and How Pakistani Greet their Friends

 In Pakistan, people welcome the jubilant and heartfelt day by cheering their friends. Exchange of beautiful gifts, arranging trips, invite on lunch and dinner parties, all ecstatic activities make the day EVER FRESH. The indulgence of social media in our lives has abridged the distance. You can embrace and hug your friend even you are living in another city or a country.  Gifts are sent through local and international courier services because it is the time when you are inaudibly and impatiently waiting for a FRIEND’S GIFT. Chocolates are always a sweet mode to express the melodiousness of any relationship.
Infinite friendship never ends it is beyond of distance even life and death. God has created a relationship that becomes perpetual when you find a friend close to your heart and with whom you sense tranquility. Society grooms with a healthy friendship as it is the core to understand the living moments of humanity. Pakistan is privileged to have a strong and healthy nation where FRIENDSHIP IS DEEPLY ENTRENCHED.

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