India Ranks 5th ‘Most Dangerous Places’ For Expats in 2019- Modi Bhakts are Triggered

 India Ranks 5th ‘Most Dangerous Places’ For Expats in 2019- Modi Bhakts are Triggered

Indian claims of Successful Democracy and Flawless freedom of rights are getting Shattered with Extremist and right-wing Government sitting in Delhi. However, they are losing the battle of Perceptions with more Surveys and Case are Exposing them. So, With Revocation of Article 370 and Mob-Lynching, India is becoming a Hostile Terrotiry for Women, Minorities, and Tourists. India Ranks 5th ‘Most Dangerous Places’ For Expats in 2019- Modi Bhakts are Triggered.

Eventually, Modi’s ‘Mahan Bharat’ is Exposed as Inter Nations Declared them one of the Most Dangerous Countries for the Tourists.

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Pakistan’s Tourism Industry is Booming

Pakistan has not seen such Improvement in Tourism for at least the last three decades now. However, we can find plenty of Travel Vlogs and Documentaries of Foreigners regarding mountain ranges, scenic valleys, Mughal heritage, ancient civilization, religious history, long coastal belt, its culture of cuisine.

The PTI government is very active in Promoting Tourism Globally. Apart from that, one key factor is the Improvement in Security Situation. So, Pakistan has much to offer the Foreigners and incoming Foreign YouTubers are real-life PROOF of that. Their Vlogs are sheer examples of unmatchable hospitality and heartbreaking pictorial views.

India Ranks 5th ‘Most Dangerous Places’ For Expats in 2019- Modi Bhakts are Triggered

India received the Dubious Honor of being one of the Worst Places for Tourists to live in 2019 as per the Expat Insider report. Following up the likes of Brazil, South Africa, and Nigeria. However, The Ranking has been done on the basis of Quality of Life, Ease of Setting in, Working, Tourism, Family Life and Personal Finance.

In this survey, a total of 20,259 expatriates participated representing 182 nationalities living in 187 countries. Out of the 64 countries that were surveyed, India came at 59.

According to the survey, it has been found that over four in ten respondents reported negative feelings about the peacefulness in India and 27% were displeased with their personal safety — three times the global average of 9%.

“A US American expat, for example, does not like “always having to keep my guard up — as a female, I don’t feel safe. As a resident, I often feel taken advantage of at work and outside work,” the survey said.

The surveyed respondents have also expressed their concern about the political stability in India. Hindu nationalist government has caused polarization with divisive policies like denying citizenship to millions of Bengali Muslim immigrants in the state of Assam.

Tourists are Afraid of Rapists Haunting Them in INDIA

It is no hidden fact that Rape Cases are becoming Normal in India, In a recent wave of attack on Foreigners, numerous reports of Tourists getting Raped are also Circulating in Modi’s “Bharat Mahan”.

So, Just look at the official crime statistics for 2019. It shows that a woman was raped every 13 minutes; six women were gang-raped every day; a bride was murdered for dowry every 69 minutes; 19 women were attacked with acid every month.

Modi Bhakt’s are Triggered by the Report

Their Obsession with Pakistan is on the Rise.

Such Humor in Memes and Trolls can only be Expected from Pakistanis. 

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