Imran Khan Ranks at the Top in ICC Poll for Best Captain on Twitter

 Imran Khan Ranks at the Top in ICC Poll for Best Captain on Twitter

Cricket enthusiasts freaked out as they pin back their ears on three terms “cricket, Imran Khan and India”. And if you fused the trio then it becomes a top Twitter trend. Imran Khan Ranks at the Top in ICC Poll for Best Captain on Twitter.

Moreover, ‘Pakistan shocks India’ has been the top trend on Twitter all of Wednesday morning. Why did you ask? Because of a poll run by the International Cricket Council (ICC) on January 12, in which it asked Twitter to single out the best cricketing giant among Imran Khan, India’s Virat Kohli, South Africa’s AB de Villiers, and Australia’s Meg Lanning. And the poll result has boiled over entire India.

The poll held by International Cricket Council (ICC)

The motive of the poll is to create sensation and thrill and jolt down the Twitterati. It is held to find out which player performed the best in his or her career as a captain and Pakistan’s former captain and the current Prime Minister has rung rings around by receiving 47.3 percent of the total votes.

Pakistan Lead the Poll till 0 Minutes

The poll was conducted on Twitter and included four captains from four different teams of the world. Along with Imran Khan, it included Indian skipper Virat Kohli, South Africa captain AB de Villiers and the Australia women’s cricket team skipper Meg Lanning.

The crux behind conducting the poll run was that the averages of players improve as a captain and a leader, making them the true ‘trendsetters’ in modern-day cricket. ICC also shared on Twitter the minutiae of how the performances of the four selected captains doctored over their mistakes as a player and improved as a captain.

The Confined Results Shined on Twitter

As per those tweets, the ODI batting average of Virat Kohli improved from 51.29 (not a captain) to 73.88 (as captain). Correspondingly, the ODI batting average of AB de Villiers improved from 45.97 (not as captain) to 63.94 (as captain). Meg Lanning’s ODI batting average improved from 43.87 (not as captain) to 60.93 (as captain), while Imran Khan’s Test averages when he was not a captain were 25.43 (with the bat) and 25.53 (with ball) and as a captain, they improved to 52.34 (with the bat).

However, Imran Khan’s bowling performance went down to 20.26 when he was a captain. Over 500,000 people voted in the poll and after the competition was a close run indeed, between Pakistan and India, Imran Khan was over the hill and wiped out Kohli by a narrow margin.

Imran Khan Ranks at the Top in ICC Poll for Best Captain on Twitter

The poll was envisioned to awake twitter by enquiring a million-dollar question to select the player who performed the best in their career as a captain. Twitteratis, fallen between the cracks and disregarded the true purpose of the poll, as the users started voting for the players hailing from their own country.

Here’s a look at some of the Twitter reactions the poll got in the entire day:

So much was the joy that even some ministers and senators joined in

PTI was leading the troop….Obviously

Radio Pakistan also broadcasts the victory

Indian users are calling the poll factually wrong… always

ARY ran it as breaking news

Indians were shocked apparently that took the nation to the seventh sky

The ICC poll graced us with the real champions’ feel… isn’t it?

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