Humayon Saeed & Adnan Siddiqui Clapped Back on Nauman Ijaz’s Awful Comments

 Humayon Saeed & Adnan Siddiqui Clapped Back on Nauman Ijaz’s Awful Comments

INSTAGRAM LIVE SESSIONS transformed light moods into war zones. Recently, Nauman Ijaz appeared on Vasay Chaudhry’s Insta-live session where he remarked that the other two don’t know how to act, that’s unscrupulous! It has sprung up the controversy among celebrities, it was candid-cum offensive. Humayon Saeed & Adnan Siddiqui Clapped Back on Nauman Ijaz’s Awful Comments.

Actor Naumaan Ijaz’s Comments Raised Eyebrows on his Jackson Height Posture

Video recordings from the live session promptly went viral with social media criticizing Naumaan strongly for making such punitive comments about his co-actors. The next day, Naumaan came online in another live session – with designer Munib Nawaz – where he said,

“I had been joking and Instagrammers had randomly taken a single quote of his and put it out of context. These bloggers don’t have any business these days because actors generally pay them for their promotion. So they need to stir controversy just in order to run their ‘sasti dukaanein’ (small businesses).”

An old photo of the Trio Together

But regardless of whether Naumaan was joking or conveying his odium, his fellow actors have their questions and objections about his antagonistic comments regarding them.

Actor Humayun Saeed observed,

 “If God has blessed you with izzat (respect), then you need to appreciate this and respect others. I have always been very respectful towards everyone and in return, I have received more respect and love than I could have ever hoped for. Whether Naumaan was laughing or was serious, he was right about one thing: I am still learning and I hope that I will continue learning. He, meanwhile, was very well-learned in the very first serial that he acted in and he still is the same in his latest projects. I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to ever feel like I have learned everything, because if I do I will not be able to surprise people with new work.”

Adnan Siddiqui, commented in the same manner as Hamayon did

“We, as human beings, at times forget that we have an Almighty who is watching over us and blessing us. At times, we make fun of our fraternity members which I feel is uncalled for. I don’t think that I am a good actor but I am extremely thankful to Allah for blessing me with love and respect in abundance. And who are we to make fun of someone who has been blessed by Allah? We don’t make fun of family members in public, we always do it in private. Similarly, when we as a fraternity criticise someone’s work we do it in private and not in public. People sometimes try to get away from what they have said by claiming that it was a joke but one can see through what the person really meant under the garb of a joke.”

Moral of the story is even cracking a joke, you must learn ethics

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