Humanity Died: Girl Brutally Raped by Father Twice with the help of Mother in Lockdown

Humanity Died: Girl Brutally Raped by Father Twice with the help of Mother in Lockdown

In India Humanity yelled again, in fact, ripped apart when a girl is heinously raped by her biological father, the shocking element is her mother who assists. Humanity Died: Girl Brutally Raped by Father Twice with the help of Mother in Lockdown.

It seems the news is from another planet where no ethics, family esteem, relationship value, and above all “NO HUMANITY” persists. We are used to getting bizarre news from the neighbouring country off and on, nevertheless, the prevailing news has knelt us down with its inexplicable details. How these people can call themselves “humans”?….No, they are definitely not, just a crap.

Humanity Died: Girl Brutally Raped by Father Twice with the help of Mother

Details of the Crooked Tragedy, A SLAP ON SOCIETAL STANDARDS

The terrifying offence has happened in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh where an 18 years old girl from has accused her father of raping her twice during lockdown within 16 days while her mother helped him out. The felony is below humanity and it seems that we are narrating wildlife documentary, as it is silly to expect morals from faunas.

How a Mother Could be Susceptible to her Kids?

It happened on March 26th for the first time when she was working in the kitchen. Father ostensibly clutched her forcefully and took her to a room, tied her and her mother stuffed a cloth into her mouth while the father raped her viciously.

Father’s statement is Viciously Hysterical

“I’m only doing it to make things easier and less painful for her after marriage.”

Crime did not conclude here, they detained her in a locked room to avert her to yell for help. On April 10th, somehow, she managed to escape from her house and take refuge at her aunt’s home. Her aunt informed her father, he took her back and punished him by raping again. DISGUSTING!

Victim’s Elder Sister came to Erupt the Cataclysm

Girl’s elder sister came to know the disgusting castigation going on in her house, and called 1098 and narrated her ordeal. According to police when the poor girl rescued, girl’s statement unleashed childhood felonies.

“She had bite marks all over her cheeks and injuries over her wrist and back. She even told that her father has been molesting her since she was in high school and has also tried to molest the other sisters.”

Asit Yadav, Morena SP told times of India

“Both the accused have been detained after the complaint and the girl’s statement will be recorded in front of police. We have detained the couple following her complaint. Her statement would be recorded before the magistrate. Parents have a different version. We will have to seize corroborative shreds of evidence including the clothes she has worn on the day she was raped.”

Police officer Avinash Bansal said to IndiaTv

“The accused who is a retired School Education Department Officer along with his wife have denied the charges. The survivor is an 18-year old girl, youngest of the three daughters of the man. This report says she was raped twice by his father within 16 days of COVID-19 lockdown.“

The collector of Morena district, Priyanka Das said, in a TV interview

” The incident of teacher raping his own daughter is shameful. You know father is said to be the first love of every daughter. Every girl is said to be the imitation of her mother and to suffer in the hands of them like this is something that can break anyone into pieces. None of us can even imagine what the girl went through.”

Many more instances of rape have been recorded in different parts of the country since lock-down for COVID-19 was imposed. Domestic abuse has surged. NCW data shows in the first three months of the lockdown the case of assault has gone up.

We just hope she gets justice and the guts to survive, and create awareness

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