How to Stay Healthy and Active in Ramadan During this Lockdown

 How to Stay Healthy and Active in Ramadan During this Lockdown

As you know Ramadan, the holy month is here and people observe fast which can improve health in the way if they avoid some kind of unhealthy food. But if people prefer unhealthy foodstuff in the iftar when they need much protein, vitamins & carbs to fulfil their daily the requirement then there is a risk of dropping health at a dangerous level. How to Stay Healthy and Active in Ramadan During this Lockdown?

But nowadays there is another issue on fire that is “Lockdown “. When every shop has been closed, it means not many fresh fruits are available, no gym which means no exercise, not many physical activities. Life becomes abnormal, lack of healthy habits, sleeping patterns changes, difficult to do exercise we become lazy and prefer
junk foods.

So, Don’t you need to worry! Here are some tips that how to manage our health in Ramadan during the lockdown. This is a very important time for us to take care of ourselves, both physically & mentally during the lockdown period when the stress level is very high.

How to Stay Healthy and Active in Ramadan During this Lockdown

So start with Nutrition, the diet. As we know in this situation of lockdown it can be difficult for us to access fresh fruits and vegetables. So. If sometimes u can’t obtain fresh fruits in alternate u can use frozen dried or tinned fruits and vegetables.

The reason is its 2.8ounces count as one portion of our five a day requirement. Some foods that you should consume less or avoid are fried foods, salty & high sugar foods. The reason to avoid these foods is to prevent yourself from weight gain as these foods contain many calories & the food you should consume are fresh fruits, fruit juices, shakes, smoothies & blended fruits.

Plans for Suhoor

In suhoor you should take dairy products like milk, yoghurt, milkshake, egg and chicken these days helps you to stay active all day during fasting session. Before Ramadan during lockdown constant snacking was also a complaint from people that they gained weight which is not really true. Actually constant snacking prevents us from overeating at mealtime. But now this is not a part of our routine because of fasting.

You should take dried fruits, pulses, beans. Eat plenty of vegetables. These food boost your immunity. Because in this situation you need to improve your health, immunity & manage stress.

Next is the sleeping pattern you have to follow the same bedtime routine every night. Adults have to sleep seven to eight hours a day, this makes your immunity strong. But poor sleep will affect your immune system a lot which means your health drops.

Physical Activities

The other point to focus is your Physical activities, as all gyms have been closed but it doesn’t mean you skip your physical activity and don’t do exercise. No, you can do exercise, you can go for a morning walk, running or cycling. You can also follow the online exercise Programmes.

If you can’t go outside instead of remaining sedentary, you can do a virtual workout with your buddies (you want with) on the Video call. But if u think u can be able for doing an exercise class so, it is impossible in
this situation.

In the lockdown situation, our life became sedentary, not many activities, so people gain weight. Healthy eating with some physical activities or exercise is only the way to stay healthy.

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