How Greed Made Husband to Throw his ‘Pregnant Wife’ off a Cliff to Claim Life Insurance

 How Greed Made Husband to Throw his ‘Pregnant Wife’ off a Cliff to Claim Life Insurance

The brutal newsflash of greed and slaying has shuddered the entire world. It is unbelievable that how could a father kill his unborn kid for the sake of a few currency notes? A husband who allegedly threw his pregnant wife off a cliff after posing for a savage selfie with her tried to claim her life insurance. The satanic husband had also managed to sanction loans in her name. How Greed Made Husband to Throw his ‘Pregnant Wife’ off a Cliff to Claim Life Insurance.

The plot of the Insane Crime

Hakan Aysal, 40, was arrested for the murder of his wife Semra Aysal, 32, and their unborn baby. He threw his wife off a cliff when they were on a holiday in Butterfly Valley in Mugla, Turkey.

According to The Sun, prosecutors allege

“Aysal brutally pushed his wife off the 1,000ft cliff. Why? So that he could get the insurance he had taken out on her life, according to The Sun. The woman and her unborn child were both instantly killed following the incident in June 2018. Though it took years to resolve the sinister game of ravenousness. The “accident” was a murder carried out by the husband. His motive was to nest eggs on the insurance he previously took out. Hakkan had planned the ordeal to get the guarantee of £40,865 from insurance.”

“They sat on top of the cliff for three hours so that he could make sure no one was around. As soon as he realized they were alone, he deliberately killed her. He pushed her off the cliff. Without thinking his child, without giving a second thought to his lovely wife who was pregnant with his child.”

How Greed Made Husband to Throw his ‘Pregnant Wife’ off a Cliff to Claim Life Insurance

Aysal had claimed the insurance payment shortly while later has proved him scheming. But his claim was declined when news of the investigation was unveiled.

The verdict of The Fethiye High Criminal Court,

“It has ruled that he be remanded in custody for premeditated murder.”

In a video interview, the court heard from the victim’s brother, Naim Yolcu, who said

 “When we went to the Forensic Medicine Institute to get the body, Hakan was sitting in the car. My family and I were destroyed, but Hakan did not even appear sad. My sister was always against taking out loans. My sister was always against taking out loans. However, after she died, we learned that she had three loans taken by Hakan on behalf of my sister. Hakan had a fear of heights, what extreme sport is she going to be doing when she is scared of heights?”

When the court asked Hakkan about the questionable insurance premiums

He said,

“I have been interested in extreme sports since 2014; parachute, bungee jumping, rafting. That is why I had life insurance before I got married.”

When he was asked about putting his name in case of the death of his wife

 “I did not examine the policy much. The banker arranged the paperwork. I just brought it to my wife to get it signed. I was not aware that there was such an article. I am not responsible for her death, after taking a photo, my wife put the phone in her bag. Later she asked me to give her the phone. I got up and then heard my wife scream behind me when I walked a few steps away to get the phone from her bag. I am innocent. I had no intention to ruin my life.”

It is appalling and wretched to see people changing for money.

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