Here’s Why Meera Jee has been Admitted to Mental Asylum in the US

 Here’s Why Meera Jee has been Admitted to Mental Asylum in the US

Meera’s innocence is nationwide famous but people on the other side of the globe could not grasp her shilly-shallying social behavior. Pakistani actor Meera has reportedly been avowed mentally unstable by a doctor as she was said to have been admitted to a mental health facility during her US trip. Here’s Why Meera Jee has been Admitted to Mental Asylum in the US.

Conferring to the local media outlets

Baaji actor had reportedly disrespected an American doctor while she was demanding privileged treatment for her fever after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Meera jee I think u just forgot that you were not in Pakistan…

Pakistani film actress Meera is known for being a provocative figure. Which she approves by her conduct and actions off and on. Moreover, the actress knows the ways to get in dazzling news. Lately, in an odd turn of events, a doctor in the US declared the Baaji star mentally unfit and admitted to a hospital in the US for treatment.

Here’s Why Meera Jee has been Admitted to Mental Asylum in the US

A few months back, Meera was suspected of fraud of millions of rupees in the name of helping the poor during the lockdown. Amidst the lockdown, Meera had rehabilitated her house into a shelter home, and permit homeless people of the showbiz industry to stay there. When her real plans revealed, she held a press conference and said,

“If the allegations against me are proved true, I will hang myself.”

Meanwhile, the scandal is not yet resolved, she landed in the asylum, when she was on a private tour to the US.

According to the details,

“She was contesting a case in the local court. The judge of the court declared Meera mentally unfit. On which, they admitted Meera to a local mental hospital. She has been termed mentally unwell after she insulted an American doctor and asked for preferential treatment. The actress had a fever after receiving a coronavirus shot. Reportedly, she went for a check-up and kept boasting about her fame to the doctor and asked for preferential treatment.”

The insight detail of Meera Jee’s interminable conceited behavior

Sources say,

“Meera told the doctor that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) offered her a seat in the Senate, and she has been given protocol by the Prime Minister himself. When doctors caught her off balance by the conversation, the doctor informed mental health officials about the situation. More so, he told Meera that she may be a showbiz star but he deals with patients according to the rules.”

Later on, the actress realized her mistake after analyzing the gravity of the situation. Sources said that only Meera’s father-in-law and husband Captain Naveed can bring her back by giving their surety. The actress has been in the medical center for two days.

Meanwhile, the mother of the Baaji actress appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Federal Interior Minister to bring her daughter back to Pakistan.

Meera on her way back to Pakistan!

Meera should learn a lesson to understand the difference of the country and has been released from the mental asylum. Captain Naveed has given a bond of fifty thousand dollars, due to which Meera has been released. As of now, she has been given 48 hours to return to Pakistan!

It is pertinent to note that the veteran actress visits the States on and off for American nationality. Last year, the veteran actress remained aground in New York City during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The Baaji famed star took to social media then to call for help from the government that she is trapped in a hotel room in New York amid quarantine.

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