Here’s Inspiring Story of Pakistan’s 1st Transgender Lawyer Nisha Rao

 Here’s Inspiring Story of Pakistan’s 1st Transgender Lawyer Nisha Rao

Nisha Rao makes an incredible journey from streets to courts. According to the Independent Urdu, Karachi-based, Nisha Rao, is the privileged transgender of Pakistan, who is a professional lawyer. She has deprived of all the necessities of life like her community but has the spark to move the rock, AND SHE DID IT….BRAVO! Here’s Inspiring Story of Pakistan’s 1st Transgender Lawyer Nisha Rao.

Brutal Behaviour of police and people provoke her and inspired her to become a Lawyer. The vicious behaviour of police with her and the transgender community aggravated her to take up the profession of law to defend her class.

In an interview with the Independent Urdu,

“The abusive behaviour of police intimidated me when I used to beg on the roads of Karachi. Then my teacher advised me to overcome my fears by becoming a lawyer. I still remember the words of my mentor, “police will be afraid of you Nisha, once you become a lawyer”

Law Degree wasn’t a Piece of Cake

“I attained my Law degree from Karachi’s Sindh Muslim Law College in 2018 and obtained a notch in International affairs. I made good friends on my varsity. I am honoured to have humble and cooperative lawyers at the city court. I am thankful for their support and guidance. So far, I have brawled 50 cases. I hail from Lahore but fled to Karachi to start my life from a scratch. I want to forget the physical abuse I get from my family after my matriculation. I never forget the endless ordeal of my life’s harshest scuffle, when my days passed in begging and nights for studying.”

She came across her identity when hits adolescence

God has a different plan for Nisha

“God had made me different. I felt dejected at first but motivated with positive thoughts. I convinced myself that I am blessed with an intelligent mind and beautiful hands, feet, and eyes. I induced myself to do something big in my life but unfortunately, my family did not support me at that time.”

Watch the complete interview of struggle and vigilance

Nisha Rao started fighting the cases of other eunuchs

Rao expressed her grief of annoyance when she like her community was ridiculed as an object to crumble. The most tormenting behavior is of police, she witnessed with her community. Auspiciously, Rao has a teacher to push, guide, and stimulate to pursue law for her voice to be heard.

Even though, things were bitter and hard. She had to beg to finance her education. Initially, Rao used to beg on signals from 8 am till 12 p.m. and then take her classes from 2 p.m. onwards.

Pakistan’s First Transgender Lawyer Now Fights For Her Community

Nisha desires to serve the transgender community through her non-government organization. She is pondering to devise a helpline where transgender can guide other community members. She is also intended to build an old age home for transgenders.

Nisha’s story will inspire others to follow in her footsteps

From begging to study the constitution of Pakistan…she did everything to get respect and acceptance!

Time has changed…people are now acknowledging the third gender

Hats Off Nisha Rao…….

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