Hardworking Cop Resigns after Lahore CCPO Abuse him for ‘Replying in English’

 Hardworking Cop Resigns after Lahore CCPO Abuse him for ‘Replying in English’

CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh had been in hot waters since he shared his misogynistic slant over the motorway gang rape case. He is known for his deeply ingrained misogynistic attitudes, abusive language, and lewdness. Hardworking Cop Resigns after Lahore CCPO Abuse him for ‘Replying in English’.

The top cop is ill-famed in the police department too. Recently, a young energetic and diligent cop resigned over CCPO’s abusive rebuke, and his mere crime was of speaking English. The foul language of CCPO Lahore propelled a diligent cop to resign. A sub-inspector of the Punjab Police, Fahad Iftikhar Virk on Thursday resigned from his post alleging that the CCPO abused him in a meeting.

CCPO Umar Sheikh’s Repute in the Police Force is Hostile

The entire police department is distraught about the hostile and unacceptable conduct of newly appointed chief Umar Sheikh. The department is freaked out from Umar Sheikh’s orders to arrest some officials.

He put them behind the bars while circumventing the departmental procedure. CCPO Lahore is suspected to use uncouth language in formal and informal meetings against several officers. Sub-inspector Fahad Iftikhar Virk stated in his two-line resignation letter that he is unable to serve in the police department any more.

Hardworking Cop Resigns after Lahore CCPO Abuse him for ‘Replying in English’

Sub-inspector Fahad Iftikhar Virk told The Express Tribune

“I could not tolerate him abusing my father that was too much for me. I had played a key role in establishing the social media cell of the Punjab Police force and always gave my best. My answer in English was not a fit of rage, so he could proceed to humiliate me. His behavior is unbecoming of his rank as well as being illegal and immoral.”

Virk further told a publication!

“When I was answering a question in a meeting chaired by the CCPO on September 22, Sheikh called him khotay kay bachay (son of a donkey). I felt deeply insulted and immediately handed my resignation after that episode. The CCPO asked me a question that I answered. While I was replying, he interrupted and dubbed me ‘khotay kay bacha,’. He was asking me something but was getting an answer to something else. It was too much for me to tolerate, answering in English and getting abusive behavior of ‘Angrez ki aulaad’ (son of a Britisher) was unbearable.”

Virk Expressed his Disgrace over the issue without any Reluctance

“I belong to a respectable, educated family. My father was a schoolteacher. Since March this year, I have been working on the web pages of the CCPO. As well as other senior officers of the Lahore police. Whatever one can see on these pages today, is because of my efforts that have been appreciated by his seniors in the past. I quit because my dignity was severely attacked. I was asked to get out of the meeting, which I had to do, but later wrote out my resignation to the senior superintendent of police (SSP), Lahore.”

Complaint filed against the CCPO

Meanwhile, fed up with the behavior of Sheikh, two police officials — training assistant sub-inspector (T-ASI) and a head constable complained to IGP Inam Ghani about the CCPO’s behavior. In addition to this, a reader of the DSP, Baghbanpura Circle, Lahore, has written a three-page letter to the Inspector General Police (IGP) Punjab. The reason is to instruct an impartial inquiry into the registration of a case against him and another police officer on the orders of the CCPO.

He requested,

“The inquiry should not be conducted by any subordinate of the CCPO.”

Yesterday, SSP Liaquat Malik was relocated for “disciplinary reasons” to AIG Discipline after reportedly exchanging “heated words” with the top cop.

This is not the first time a member of the Punjab Police has complained about his sick behavior, as earlier this week, ahead constable and an inspector lodged complaints as well to dissent against him.

The government should reconsider officers like Fahad Virk who should be accredited on all levels while CCPO Lahore should be relocated on “immoral penalizing”.

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