Govt Plans to Ban Aurat March For Being ETHICALLY AGAINST ISLAM

 Govt Plans to Ban Aurat March For Being ETHICALLY AGAINST ISLAM

Women were badly ill-advised in last year’s “Aurat March” by a few mentally retarded NGO’s and so-called feminists. It was Ethically Declined and Religiously Failing, and it had nothing to do with Gender Equality. Now the Authorities have decided to take Strict Actions against these Marches. Govt Plans to Ban Aurat March For Being ETHICALLY AGAINST ISLAM.

The Banners and Slogans were Dodgy and Unscrupulous, just a few days earlier, Judicial Activism Council Chairman Azhar Siddique filed a petition to ban the Aurat March. He said that the march is against the norms of Islam. However, the Lahore High Court (LHC) has acknowledged the petition to ban the movement that calls for “Women Empowerment”.

LHC has accepted the petition and believed to hear the case on 27 February 2020 just a week before Aurat March on Women’s Day [8 March 2020].

Judicial Activism Council Chairman Azhar Siddique stated

“There are various anti-state parties who are funding this March to spread anarchy amongst the masses. The petition also termed the march ‘against the very norms of Islam’. It is the hidden agenda to spread ‘anarchy, vulgarity, and hatred.”

Stop Casing Vulgarity in the Glow of Women Empowerment

Women empowerment sprout out from the awareness of rights, access to quality education, career, and passion. Slogans such as ‘ghar ka kaam, sab ka kaam‘, ‘khud khana garam karo‘ and many disgusting narratives were there in march that is not worthy to discuss here. Moreover, the March highpoints manifest women empowerment but it was a complete revulsion according to masses.

Govt Plans to Ban Aurat March For Being ETHICALLY AGAINST ISLAM
Govt Plans to Ban Aurat March For Being ETHICALLY AGAINST ISLAM

Responsibilities are universally assigned; THE NEED IS TO CREATE PATIENCE AND SENSE OF WELL-BEING

Making of “gol roti” is neither a prime nor a crime, domestic abuse on such shitty trivial issues should be resolved by proper counseling of MURD HUZRAAT too. In the hectic daily life where husband and wife both belong to the working class, husbands should develop patience and sense to care wives in looking after home and kids. Moreover, kids and home are the mutual assets of the couple. Though, at the same time, we cannot disregard the standing of men in society. Disparaging slogans with ghastly narratives against men were also seen during the protest which is also highly condemnable.

The Government should identify the Actual Actors behind the March and their Agenda

Seeking equality and equal rights for women in this male-controlled society can be done with much grace and dignity rather than like “aurat march”, where lines between liberty and vulgarity had been crossed.

Slogans such as ‘Akeli Awara Azaad‘ , ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi’or ‘Lo Beth Gayi Sahi Se’ is not freedom of speech but pure scurrility.

Govt Plans to Ban Aurat March For Being ETHICALLY AGAINST ISLAM

A Video of a well-known Islamic cleric made the Rounds on Social Media

A well-known cleric is seen enraged over a placard, Mera Jism Meri Marzi’ at the Aurat March. He threatened women with rape, saying that if they claim a right to their bodies, men can also claim the right to rape women. The video has more than 67,000 views on YouTube. WHAT RUBBISH…MULLAH SAHB HOSH KARO!!

Open your eyes and figure out the strings that are being used to ridicule our innocent women, they are just erroneous, I BELIEVE!.

 Women empowerment is respectably conquered by women like Aqsa Ajmal and Shanza Munir and many other gorgeous ladies who did miracles in IT, and an IRON LADY like Rabia Shahzad.

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