GOT Fans Believe that Sansa Stark will sit on Iron Throne

 GOT Fans Believe that Sansa Stark will sit on Iron Throne

Many Game of Thrones fans and Pundits believe that Sansa Stark is next Littlefinger. She is playing everyone to win the Iron Throne. And the evidence is becoming quite persuasive. After the Recent Episode, many Game of Thrones (GOT) Fans increasingly Believes that Sansa Stark will sit on Iron Throne.

Sansa Stark and Lord Baelish Standing in Winterfell
Sansa Stark and Lord Baelish

*Spoilers Ahead

The writers led us to believe that Daenerys is destined to rule the seven kingdoms. However, with each passing episode, she is becoming Mad Queen.

Meanwhile, Sansa has emerged herself into the most stimulating and difficult to pin down character. She has been very composed and careful with her choices. Certainly, little bird surprisingly turned out to be Littlefinger after her abusive experiences.

Sansa Stark Standing in Winterfell
Sansa Stark

In Episode 4- Daenerys announced that “We’ve won the Great War, now it’s time to win the Last War”. Sansa fortified Dany to allow the decimated army some time to rest before waging war on Capital. Well, Dany should’ve listened to Sansa. Dany rejects that suggestion and pays the price dearly.

Sansa cleverly changed the balance of power when she revealed the secret to Tyrion. She knew that he will share the news with Vary. Both Tyrion and Varys will reconsider their allegiances.

Sansa Telling Tyrion about Jon Snow
Sansa Stark and Tyrion


Game of Thrones showrunner D.B. Weiss revealed that Sansa knew exactly what she was doing when she gave Tyrion the information.

“[Sansa] knows what will happen if she gives Tyrion this information. She’s a student of Littlefinger, and she knows how information travels, and she can think many steps into the game, the way Littlefinger did,” Weiss shared.

Sansa has proved her smartness on many occasions now. She immediately doubted Cersei’s pledge to support the North in the fight against Dead. At the beginning of season 8, Sansa tells Tyrion that she always consider him the most clever man. But Tyrion couldn’t catch the lies of her sister.

In Season 5 – Game of Thrones featured a flashback of Cersei talking to a witch. The witch told her there will be a “younger and more beautiful” person who will destroy her entire world.

So, Many GOT Fans Believe that Sansa Stark will sit on Iron Throne at the end of the season.


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