Filmmaker Jami stood-out in Support of #MeToo Movement with his Rape Story

 Filmmaker Jami stood-out in Support of #MeToo Movement with his Rape Story

The #MeToo Movement in Pakistan is the point of PUNITIVE discussion on the Subsequent Suicide case of MAO College Lecturer on Deceitful Allegation of Sexual Harassment. The Sole incident can’t disregard the Entire Scenario of the Me-Too movement. As it is the Podium to Share the Dark and Mutilated Phase of one’s life irrespective of the gender of the victim. So, Filmmaker Jami stood-out in Support of #MeToo Movement with his Rape Story.

Why justice is Unfathomable to Access??? And why everyone is reluctant to rip off the “Prestigious” shells of these mentally sick dark souls.

Jami Mehmood is a Renowned Filmmaker who took a Very Audacious Step after the Lahore based lecturer’s suicide case. It has Provoked him to unleash the most Traumatic Incident of his life that had happened 13 years back by again, from “Trustworthy Hands”.

Filmmaker Jami stood-out in Support of #MeToo Movement with his Rape Story

Jami was Supporting the CAUSE wholeheartedly, in fact silently. Meanwhile, the Afzal’s Suicide Frightened him that the movement may get harm by a “Wrongful Death”.

“One Wrongful Death does not mean that all Victims are Fake and Liars.”

Formerly, the victim became stout to throw out the Destressing Frustration kept in his heart for long. Jami used the word “Vomit”, undeniably the most Appropriate Word to Share.

Jami is a Daring Man inside who was waiting for the right moment to Expose all the Agony, that led him to “Break the Glass Ceiling”. Jami urged to clear that the victim can be a man and is Equally Disturbing like a Nightmare for him like a woman. Moreover, Jami did not yet disclose the “Rapist Tycoon”. Rather than a few Relatable Hints and Clues that are Sprouted in his tweets.

His Heart-Ripping tweets are here to Interpret and Emotionally Collapsed Person in a Strong Posture.

Pakistanis Decanted Heartfelt Messages in Support of Jami but Astonishingly there was a Dead Silence by “Awakened Twitteratis” and from the People of his Industry.

Excluding Eman Suleman and Armeena Khan, no one has uttered a single moral word from Pakistan’s entertainment industry about Jami’s #MeToo story.

Armeena Khan

Eman Suleman

However, Meesha Shafi has taken to Twitter to express her solidarity with Jami. The singer, who last year claimed that singer Ali Zafar allegedly sexually harassed her, has been championing the #MeToo movement in Pakistan and fighting her own legal battles with Zafar at the same time.

Meanwhile, Mahira Khan didn’t directly take any name but she highlighted the MISUSE of MeeToo and not giving Justice where it’s Needed!

The Crux of the Sore Matter

It is Pathetic and Immoral that no Virtual Evidence is watched from the Entertainment Industry in Jami’s support. Moreover, it Depicts that if the Culprit’s Name is Disclosed. Jami will have to suffer on the cost of his profession that would Eventually Isolate him. The Deafening Silence of the Country’s Profuse Spheres is Alarming for the Victim and Rather Protective for the Culprit.


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