Yasir Hussain Proved Cranky Host as Feud between Him & Nausheen Takes Nasty Turn

 Yasir Hussain Proved Cranky Host as Feud between Him & Nausheen Takes Nasty Turn

Wedding ceremonies are a happy moment for hosts and guests, but sometimes a narky groom makes an absurd statement and astounds people with his lewd manners. Yeah, Yasir Hussain always makes a statement that lands himself in hot water, this time he made about fellow actor Nausheen Shah, who Hussain claims zaburdasti shadi pay aa guee the. On the television show Ghabrana Mana Hai, he opened up about what happened, and his revelations opened a dirty laundry between the two stars. Yasir Hussain Proved Cranky Host as Feud between Him & Nausheen Takes Nasty Turn.

The Actual Grudge B/w these Two Faces of Entertainment Industry

Yasir Hussain scoff at the Dugdugi actor Nausheen Shah in an interview. When asked about the uninvited guests at his wedding, the actor straight up took Shah’s name explicitly, making fun of her. Shah just responded to his mockery, and it is wild and rustic. Hussain did not stop here, and spiced up the argument by saying, 

“The funny part is, she got the most pictures clicked!”

However, then he made an effort to wrapped the discussion by changing the topic, he added,  “Nausheen is a great girl and she does great work. Personally, I am a big fan of her style!”

Nausheen Shah’s take on the contempt

As the clip of Hussain’s comments swirling on social media, the viewers waited for the Dudgugi actor to say a word in response. She did not say much but rather shared a story on Instagram with a cryptic caption.

“When you are busy building an empire, you don’t pay attention to nonsense. I am too busy to get distracted,” it read.


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According to Galaxy Lollywood,

Nausheen Shah took the bull by the horns and spills the beans of the actual situation.

“Could anyone go someone’s house uninvited? I wouldn’t go to anyone’s house if I wasn’t invited, let alone going to someone’s wedding. A fool is known by his speech and a wise man by his silence. Yasir called me himself and invited me. I feel so sorry for Yasir because certainly has serious memory issues. I also feel really sorry for Iqra. She is taking one for the team.”

Responding to the criticism, Hussain took to social media to make matters shoddier and confronted both the public and Shah.

In a series of Instagram stories, the actor bashed Shah for her ‘baseless’ comments.

Well. Hussain always landed in trouble when he was seen making fun of Hania Aamir’s skin condition. So much so that Aamir schooled him taking to her Instagram. He just fluently crosses the line of morals each time! he should consult the doctor along with Amir Liaqat Hussain who is suffering from the same disease.

When you’re under the azure of fame and recognition, your words really matter. People won’t move on from the tricky things you say because they’re fiddly and they hope you learn from your mistakes. But how many slipups does it take to cram and to stop saying bawdy things about people?

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