Feroze Khan’s DARING STAND Against Criminals like Ibsham is COMMENDABLE

 Feroze Khan’s DARING STAND Against Criminals like Ibsham is COMMENDABLE

Khani actor Feroze Khan is frequently known for his strong vocals on social issues. Moreover, Feroze Khan takes a stand against Ibsham and vows to protect women from harassment, and it is laudable! Feroze Khan’s DARING STAND Against Criminals like Ibsham is COMMENDABLE.

Over time, contemptible news of sexual assaults is escalating and it has been a serious topic of discussion in Pakistan. In particular, the Lahore motorway incident has traumatized the country to its core. Such vicious incidents have proven the vulnerability of women in Pakistan.

Feroze Khan’s Gallant Stance to protect Fatima

The yet another case of Fatima Amir Sheikh and Ibsham Zahid’s case highlights the susceptibility of victims in our society. The negligence on part of law enforcement agencies towards rape threats against women is beyond belief. We do not want homilies; we want implementation and enforcement of the law.

Moreover, 16-year-old Ibsham Zahid has been pestering and harassing Fatima for four long years. He has even attempted to abduct her with his gang. Ibsham’s texts show the tone of his threatening language and the disgrace of his manners. His open threats of rape and murder to Fatima and her family are distressing.

Though an FIR was registered in 2016 no legal action has been taken yet. Moreover, Feroze Khan takes initiative for protecting women, and device a podium where vulnerable ladies can file a complaint about their harassers.

Feroze Khan’s DARING STAND Against Criminals like Ibsham is COMMENDABLE

In the video, he recounts the incident regarding how Ibsham has been stalking and harassing Fatima. Feroze reached out to his ‘real Baloch’ friends and they also guaranteed their support for the girl against Ibsham and his family.

Feroze said,

“ ‘real Baloch’ don’t threaten women. Rather, they vow to protect the dignity of women.”

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His Baloch friend, Lakhmir said,

“People like Ibsham are defaming Balochs and are spreading abhorrence against Baloch people.”

Another Baloch, Mesum Bugti said,

“An individual like Ibsham doesn’t represent the whole community. We all support Fatima and would try to teach a lesson to Isbham.”

Feroze Khan further stated,

“I have made an Instagram account by the name of “protectthemnow.” The account will help girls who are being harassed or threatened by such monsters. I will try my level best to trace Ibsham and deal with him to protect Fatima.”

Do not get scared from horrors of sexual violence, BREAK THE GLASS CEILING and scream to throw the monster in hellfire

It is good to see that Pakistani celebrities are raising their voice for sexual violence against women. Feroze Khan’s standing on the perilous issue will be stepping stones for other stars of the industry.

Will such ingenuities modify the way rape survivors are seen and move “heroically” in society? Severe punishments like public hangings and castration will resolve the issue and will bring a positive change in society.

Feroze khan’s initiative to create awareness among the masses regarding the consequences of sexual violence and how to root-out the sickening dilemma is sanguine.

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