Female Teacher of Renowned University in Lahore Online Harassed from Male Students During Virtual Classes

 Female Teacher of Renowned University in Lahore Online Harassed from Male Students During Virtual Classes

Coronavirus pandemic has ingled mingled our Emotional, Physical and Financial States. The Government has urged educational concerns to start up virtual classrooms. So, Many Universities in Pakistan are getting onto the Online Lectures for the Students. But, the Scoundrels can appear anywhere. Female Teacher of Renowned University in Lahore Online Harassed from Male Students During Virtual Classes.

Moreover, institutions were not Ready to Devise a Monitoring Code Plan to Rheostat before switching to route learning. Though, female teachers of well-known UNIVERSITIES taking online classes came forward with a LOUD DISGUST. Female teachers are getting harassment from their male students, and it is a big question on professional modesty.

Female Teacher of Renowned University in Lahore Online Harassed from Male Students During Virtual Classes

Miss Ammarah of Renowned University in Lahore Shared her Horrible Experience of taking an Online Class

“I began my lecture on a software advised by my institution. There, I usually start a class and pass on the code for entrance to my class students. Students enter in the virtual class one by one. It had been just a week since I had started my virtual class. But, one class made me to question my method and my morality. After few minutes, in my regular class, verbal slurs and display of profanity through video began, before I could begin to desperately search for controls on my interface to shut down the microphone of an anonymous user, the vulgar disturbance continued and for the teacher it’s the apex. I hurriedly closed the virtual classroom. That’s what every hormonally charged teenage does, whom we call in our honourable language ‘lost child’ or ‘mere immature’. Nevertheless, it is irking me to QUIT”

Perks of Online Education and Irksome Blasphemy

Female Teachers daily experience while revisiting their college hallways where bullying, name tags, cat calling and bunking were the trends of then days. However, this time, they are the victims of online scoundrelly. Yes, since we all cannot stop praising the steps taken by educational institutes during this pandemic, we are yet to explore the perks of online education.

Although it does feel comfortable and out-of-the dream scenario to take or teach the class as per student and teacher respectively but it has become morally challenging and an onset of virtual war in between both entities.  Well, private universities did follow the HEC Guidelines like a bible word but little could they do to establish the disciplines and civility in their virtual educational classrooms. The most common virtual tool used by renowned universities is ZOOM.

Mrs. Zunaira Zurtaaj also shared her Distressing Experience of Virtual Classroom

Well, although ZOOM does seem handy in solving the issue at hand as per educational organizations but it has a few functions which leave little to no control to the teacher. Students are typically added in the class by giving them an ID and password. The teacher generates the meeting and shares the ID and password with the students. This ID and password embody the key to the classroom as if in real.

However, things don’t go as planned, students reshare the ID and password and thus unknown anonymous or renamed students keep marauding the virtual class. As some renowned figure said, give a man a mask and he will truly show what he is. The incivility begins from the use of microphone to the video. As mentioned earlier, an app meant for official meetings becomes entirely dysfunctional when used for virtual teaching and learning purposes as the host (teacher) loses its’ class’s sovereignty.

There have been dozens of cases reported where morally corrupt disturbance in the virtual classrooms collapsed the ongoing process. It is extremely important to realize whether you are an administration or a teacher, to realize the perks of online education. Uncertainly the exactness of a physical class can never be overcome by these virtual platforms but we shall learn to make these software’s innocuous for the learners and the teachers by developing stern policies for the hooligans and cyberpunks.

Virtual teaching has not only usurped the teacher of its control but also made vulnerable to online slandering by anonymous participants In the class. Philosophy and morality are dead subjects but then who will take responsibility to bring the ‘lost children’ from committing schadenfreude?

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