Faysal Quraishi Scolds TikTokers by Calling Them ‘Jahil and Batmeez’

 Faysal Quraishi Scolds TikTokers by Calling Them ‘Jahil and Batmeez’

Faysal Quraishi scolds influencers are on-air for all the RIGHT reasons. Bashar Momin’s arrogant guy has sent Twitter into a fury with his dressing-down to the influencers. Many people are tickled by the clip, making memes out of it and sharing them widely on TikTok. Faysal Quraishi Scolds TikTokers by Calling Them ‘Jahil and Batmeez’.

Sneak Peek into the viral clip of the game show

Faysal Quraishi hosts the game show Khush Raho Pakistan on BOL Entertainment. The participants included Instagrammers, TikTokers, and YouTubers. Usually, the participants of the game show exhibit weird behaviors, and the particular clip is the caustic witness of the show Khush Raho. The contestants are observed doing unschooled hysterical activities that are not at all comical in any way. Faysal Quraishi recently becomes a top trend on Twitter after a video from his game show went viral on Saturday. And, Quraishi was incensed with anger in the snippet.

The clip showed him shouting at two influencers after they started misbehaving with a fellow guy by slapping him several times on his head and neck, and it has made the host mad with anger. The girl named Muskan begins to rough-and-tumble when everyone was warmly wishing a couple of other performers – Micki and Usama – a happy birthday. Another girl joined her and they both slapped him hard multiple times on his head on-air.

As she continued to hit the fellow guest, Qureshi lost his temper and asked them,

“What are you doing? What are you doing?! You’ve made this game show a joke. You’re slapping him on-air!”

Following this, annoyed Qureshi threw the cue cards and walked away calling all influencers present “jaahil” (illiterate).

“Kahan se laye ho yaar yeh badtameez, jaahil log [From where did you get these ill-mannered, illiterate people?]” asked Qureshi.

Faysal Quraishi Scolds TikTokers by Calling Them ‘Jahil and Batmeez’

Qureshi is known for his good morals and ethos to greet and treat the guests with respect and love to his seniors and juniors. However, it is palpable from the video that the influencers’ sickening behavior really annoyed him.

What would you think about the bizarre incident?

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