Emraan Hashmi Finally Responded to the Tweet of DG ISPR about ‘Bard of Blood’

 Emraan Hashmi Finally Responded to the Tweet of DG ISPR about ‘Bard of Blood’

The Recent Escalation between Pakistan and India is growing stronger especially after the Unilateral Decision of India of Scrapping Special Status of Kashmir. Adding Fuel to the Fire, Bollywood Launched Trailer of an Anti-Pakistani Movie named ‘Bard of Blood‘ just to Exploit the Image of Pakistan. DG ISPR called-out Bollywood for such Pietism in his Tweet. Emraan Hashmi Finally Responded to the Tweet of DG ISPR about ‘Bard of Blood’.

The Show is produced by King of the Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. Emran Hashmi is Playing the Lead Role as a RAW agent.

Indian Ruling Party’s Ideology and Manifesto was Completely Based upon the Hatred and Abhorrence towards Pakistan. But, it seems like Indian Cinema also relying upon the Concept of Modi to get attention from the Bhakts of India. Bard of Blood is the Core Example of it.

Bard of Blood- A Big Lie

The Story revolves around three RAW agents working undercover in the Pakistani Province, Balochistan. These Agents are tasked to take down the Militants in the Region. It was surely a Triggering Moment for Pakistanis to Showcase the altogether a Different Image.
Pakistan and India are in the State of War and in the Middle of this, Releasing Trailer of Bard of Bood in which RAW agents are Exploiting positive image of Pakistan seems Deliberate. So, basically they are Portraying RAW agents as Heroes, but in reality, they are Kalbhushan Yadav.

Emraan Hashmi Finally Responded to the Tweet of DG ISPR about ‘Bard of Blood’

The DG ISPR called-out Bollywood King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and gave him a reality check about their Actual RAW agents.
“Stay in Bollywood syndrome Shah Rukh Khan. For reality see RAW Spy Kulbhushan Jadev, Wing Comd Abhinandan and the state of Feb 27, 2019.”
He added, “You could rather promote peace and humanity by speaking against atrocities in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and against Hindituva of Nazism obsessed RSS.”

However, Emran Hashmi Finally responded to the Tweet of Asif Ghafoor. In an interview with India Today, the Lead Actor of ‘Bard of Blood’, said. 

“I think that one tweet (Asif Ghafoor’s) led to other people spewing hate. But to put things to rest, there is no propaganda here. This is based on a book that is written by a [then-] 20-year-old kid back in 2014. The political climate at that point of time was very different. There is no agenda to it. Our show is based on that book and that’s that”, Hashmi said.
“You can’t please everyone. You make a show of this nature, which has some kind of political relevance, and it going to snowball and you will have people talking. Everyone has an opinion these days,” he concluded his reaction.

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