Cultural Rivalry Between Karachi And Lahore

 Cultural Rivalry Between Karachi And Lahore

Karachi and Lahore are the two mega cities of Pakistan and both cities own great specialties that make them so special and famous. These cities have so much to offer to their denizens in form of recreations spots, educational opportunities and much more. Karachi and Lahore have lot of similarities, such as both are equally modern, rich in culture, renowned educational institutions are there and the list goes on. Cultural Rivalry Between Karachi And Lahore

We are here to discuss the cultural rivalry between Karachi and Lahore city, the purpose of this discussion is not to conclude which city is better. Both cities are superb in their own way, I will opine according to my own personal experience, your opinion may differ with mine. To discuss the cultural rivalry between them will be a fun for sure.

Lingual difference of Karachi and Lahore

There is a huge lingual difference between these two cities, Karachi has a vast multilingual culture. There are people from different culture who speak different languages, whereas it is not found in Lahore city. Either it is Urdu language or Punjabi that Lahoris speak and understand.

In Lahore we say “Chappair/Channd lag du ga”, in Karachi it turns out to be as “Laafa mardu ga”, there are much more different words that are used so differently by the dwellers of these cities.

Cultural Rivalry Between Karachi And Lahore

Accent of Lahore and Karachi is poles apart

This is probably one of the most interesting cultural rivalry between the two cities, the accent of these cities has a hell of difference. For instance, Lahoris utter the word Black as “Black” whereas Karachiites say “Bilack”, Lahoris say ‘Clear’ on the contrary Karachiites utter it as “KILL-YEAR”.

Lahori parks are more welcoming than of Karachi

Yes, that’s how it is, in Lahore if you will plan with your male friends to visit any park then you will be able to visit it without any difficulty, on the contrary visiting a park along with your friends in Karachi is terribly difficult. In Karachi you can go with your family solely to parks etc.

Food preference of Karachi and Lahore is diverse

The taste of food of both cities is simply heavenly but the food preference of their dwellers is quite different. Lahoris are crazy after nihari, Kunna Gosht and Paaye, Karachiites love to grub stuff like Biryaani.

Architecture of Karachi and Lahore is diverse and unique

In Lahore the historical buildings display the art of Mughal’s architecture such as Chowburji-Chowk and wildly famous Badshahi mosque. In Karachi you will be able to get amuse with the British style of architecture in buildings.

These are some of the interesting cultural differences of these two beautiful cities of Pakistan. In this cultural rivalry neither Lahore wins nor Karachi loses, these differences lend a beautiful color on the canvas of Pakistan. Variety is the spice of life that is why whenever any Lahori visits Karachi he loves the diversity of Karachi, whenever a Karachiites visits Lahore he feels pleased to see the uniqueness of Lahore city.

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