Complete Ban on Plastic Bags is Coming to Lahore Soon

 Complete Ban on Plastic Bags is Coming to Lahore Soon

The Ministry of Climate Change in Pakistan has taken a Self-Motivated Step to BAN the use of Plastic Bags, and it is Inspiring. It is done by Conducting Various Public Awareness Programs and Campaigns in which all Trials are taken to Educate the Public by the Health Alarming Effects of plastic. Complete Ban on Plastic Bags is Coming to Lahore Soon

The Youth Generation is Taking the Drive Positively and Practically Supporting it. However, The Government is Adopting Eco-Friendly Practices by Banning Non-Biodegradable Platic Bags. The Movement has Three Procedural Phases:

  • Create awareness about Littering
  • Educate Alternatives to Plastic
  • Penalizing the Violators

Plastic bags are Ubiquitous in Pakistan

There is a Pervasive use of Polythene Bags in Pakistan because it is Handy, Cheap and Easily Accessible. That’s why Plastic Bags can be seen in Every Nook and Corner of the Country. They are Present Everywhere from Commercial to Domestic Sites and from Restaurants to Hospitals.

However, there are Massive Deposits of Plastic Bags everywhere in Lahore. Plastic is one of the most Obstinate Environmental Encounters we have to Face Right Now.

Complete Ban on Plastic Bags is Coming to Lahore Soon

The Remarkable Movement is Approaching Lahore and has Commenced Banning Plastic Partially like it is Completely Vetoed in the Cantonment. The Punjab government is Intended to Embargo Plastic Bags Across Punjab. Many People are on-board to Ban Platic to Save Environment from further Deteriorating. It is reported that Anyone Found Guilty of Violating the Plastic ban will be Smacked by a fine of PKR 15000.


Meanwhile, All Punjab Shopping Bag Association and masses of Laborers are Protesting Against the Ban on Plastic Bags, and THEY ARE REAL IGNORANTS.

Simple Plastic Items in our Daily Life are:

  • Bottles
  • Wrappers
  • Household items
  • Kids toys
  • Plastic straws and bottles
  • Plastic bags and other countless packaging types


  • A Healthy Environment Relates to Health Consequences.
  • We Discard Plastic by Throwing out and that takes Epochs to Decompose.
  • It is justifiably Harmful to all Living Creatures on Land and Water.
  • Plastic is a Menace it contains BPA (Bisphenol A) that is Extremely Lethal to take.


  • Biodegradable plastic
  • Paper bags
  • Cloth bags
  • Glass Bottles

An Individual-level CO-OPERATION is Mandatory

The nation should stand for the positive cause and abandon plastic for good. It is the only PATH that leads to GREEN PAKISTAN.

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