Celebrities are Upset about Saba Qamar’s Break Up with Azeem Khan

 Celebrities are Upset about Saba Qamar’s Break Up with Azeem Khan

Saba Qamar and Blogger Azeem Khan’s love story fizzled out in a moment, and the audience is flabbergasted to grasp the bottom line.  The prompt announcement from the baghi star of breakup on social media is gone like a lead balloon. Celebrities are Upset about Saba Qamar’s Break Up with Azeem Khan.

Pakistani actress flunked down their short love story on Friday on a rancorous and disheartened note. All of a sudden, Qamar decided to call it off with Khan, a week after announcing that they were together. It is indeed very throbbing!

Hindi Medium actress shared her grief-stricken decision on her Instagram handle

“I have a very important announcement to make. Due to a lot of personal reasons I have decided to call it off with Azeem Khan. WE ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED NOW. Hope you guys will support my decision just like you all have been supporting me always. I guess it’s never too late to realize the bitter realities! I also wanted to clear ONE IMPORTANT thing that is, “I have never Met Azeem Khan in my life. We were only connected over the phone.”

The concluding line of the post was stinging “It’s a very hard time on me right now but as we all know ‘THIS TOO SHALL PASS’ Insha Allah,”

Qamar is known for her bold and beautiful looks and outstanding acting skills. When it comes to naming one of the finest actors we have in Pakistan, she is surely one of them. However, it appears the actor has once again lost hope in something. Earlier, Qamar also spills beans about the first man of his life. She once shared her grief in an earlier interview,

“A man wasted 8 years of my life because I listened to the people who advised me to remain with that one man for the rest of my life – the first man of my life.”

Recently, the Baaghi actress surprised her fans when she accepted a ‘marriage proposal’ from Khan. But it’s an old story now!

Meanwhile, Khan sent best wishes and prayers for Qamar after their gloomy breakup! Meanwhile, many Pakistani celebs also countered Qamar’s post.


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Khan also commented on the issue via his Instagram Story

He protested, however, he admitted it was his fault.

“She hasn’t written my side of the story,”

Celebrities are Upset about Saba Qamar’s Break Up with Azeem Khan

The public is shocked and curious to know the reason behind the harsh decision. Earlier in March, a woman made shocking allegations about Khan, to whom Khan later responded in a video. Saba exhibited her support too with words like “I trust you”. However, it all seems to be unimportant now. Qamar and Khan are on their separate ways now.

We wish them to find peace and happiness in their lives, but we are disconsolate for one of the most beautiful and snazzy stars of Pakistan.

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