CCPO Lahore Sent Home On Forced Leaves After Leaked Audio Controversy

CCPO Lahore Sent Home On Forced Leaves After Leaked Audio Controversy

The CCPO Lahore is in hot waters since his misogynic stance over the motorway gang-raped incident surfaced over media. The Lahore Capital City Police Officer, Umar Sheikh collide with public attention of his ingrained and institutionalized prejudice against women. CCPO Lahore Sent Home On Forced Leaves After Leaked Audio Controversy.

According to the close sources, the official staff of the CCPO swallows grass snakes as well while listening to him. His leaked audio clip of abusing woman add fuel to the fire, subsequently, sent on forced leaves.

Why the CCPO Lahore is forced to eat humble pie for the entire department, public, and appellants?

The CCPO is a man to stir controversies. An alleged leaked audio recording of CCPO Sheikh is making rounds on social media. In the audio clip, the CCPO was abusing a female complainant. The CCPO hurled abuse at the woman and proscribed her from calling him again.

Here is a voice of the CCPO portraying the best of his ethics and credos!!

CCPO Lahore Sent Home On Forced Leaves After Leaked Audio Controversy

According to a report by a local news channel,

“The woman from Raiwind named Naila Bibi, had contacted Sheikh on phone. She did plead the case of her husband. Naila said her husband is victim to a fake narcotics case. As she tried to narrate the injustice, the CCPO abused her for calling him.”

The media is indignant over the rude behaviour of CCPO Lahore

Senior journalist Adeel Raja said that Sheikh is sent home on forced leave.

According to sources,

“The CCPO was sent home after Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his displeasure over the audio viral clip in which Sheikh hurled abuses at a woman. However, a leave application by Sheikh suggests otherwise.”

CCPO Lahore requested leave to look after his ailing daughter

A local news channel has stated,

“The CCPO has submitted his leave application. The reason for submitting the leave was to look after his ailing daughter. As a result, he requested leaves for three days. Sheikh handed over his duties to Lahore’s Operations Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Muhammad Ashfaq Khan who will look after the charge of the post of CCPO in addition to his duties.”

In a tweet, Azhar Mashwani (Punjab chief minister’s spokesperson) also did confirm the news

Journalist Benazir Shah also confirmed the news of leave and resuming back of CCPO Umar Sheikh

CCPO Lahore has been under the limelight since impugning the victim-blaming of motorway incident. Amid the investigation and manhunt of rapists, Sheikh cast culpability on the victim for reportedly traveling at night through the desolated highway.

As likely, his remarks flickered a nationwide hullabaloo and the public demanded his removal from the office. Owing to the uproar, Sheikh issued an apology for his statement, but old habits die hard. He is a highly designated accustomed mugger, recently, a hardworking police officer had resigned after CCPO Lahore abused him for speaking ‘English’.

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