Car Used In Stock Exchange Attack Spotted In Geo Drama Deewangi: Shocking!

 Car Used In Stock Exchange Attack Spotted In Geo Drama Deewangi: Shocking!

A shocking coincidence has shaken the nation, the car used in PSX terrorist attack was being watched in a Drama on Private Channel of Pakistan. Car Used In Stock Exchange Attack Spotted In Geo Drama Deewangi: Shocking!

As per sources, the car which the terrorists used to get to the Pakistan Stock Exchange was seen in an episode of the TV drama aired on a private entertainment channel last Wednesday. Car Used In Stock Exchange Attack Spotted In Geo Drama Deewangi: Shocking!

Social Media Spotted the Parked Car and Astounded the Authorities

Netizens are shocked after noticing a car in a Har Pal Geo television drama. The car in drama serial has the same number BAP-629, as the Toyota Corolla car used by the Balochistan Liberation Army to attack the Pakistan Stock Exchange Pakistan in Karachi on June 29.

Moreover, the episode in which the car seemed aired on July 1, 2020, two days after the attack took place. Though, the episode itself had been shot 10 months earlier, on August 30, 2019. The disturbing details revealed negligence on many levels. Besides, the enduring inquiry into the PSX attack has exposed that the car was bought only recently by terrorists from a showroom in Karachi’s Sabzimandi area. The car was bought on June 24, just four days prior to the demeaning attack.

Geo Management has Voluntarily Handed over the Footage to Security Officials to Ease the Investigation Process

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The recent botched terrorist activity on PSX eccentric from its surprising details. The car that has been driven by the terrorists has been recently spotted in on ongoing popular Geo TV drama series ‘Deewangi’, that was recorded 10 months earlier…

Though, it has raised many eyebrows. How the car is parked outside Hill Park, Karachi, and how then it was purchased a few days earlier, the police are now investigating the issue. The car was bought in the name of one of the terrorists. Moreover, it has been discovered that the vehicle used during the incident was bought by one of the terrorists in his name from the nearby showroom of Karsaz.

The Express Tribune Presented Car’s documents

 “Salman bought silver Corolla car from a showroom near Karsaz, which deals in used second-hand cars. The terrorist’s number, date of birth, and address were also listed on the documents. Salman was one of the four gunmen killed during the attempted attack on the PSX building.”

The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility of the attack on PSX in a post on Twitter

But still, there is no authenticity of the claim yet. The spokesmen for the group were not available for comment when contacted by the local media. And there are possible ties India-linked BLA claims responsibility for PSX terror attack. A terror organization that was hitherto been linked to India and some rudiments in Afghanistan.

Since the news of the horrible incident came to light on Monday. Indians on Twitter started reassuring and celebrating Pakistan’s ill-fated tragedy. However, our brave police officers Constable Khalil and Constable Muhammad Rafiq were the two heroes who nullified this group of violent terrorists and killed every one of them. The netizens showing pride for the on-duty soldiers for their bravery.

Zaid Hamid Spotted the Underlying Message of RAW agents Conveyed via “number plate”

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