‘Boycott French Products Drive’ Gathers Pace Across the World: HATS OFF

 ‘Boycott French Products Drive’ Gathers Pace Across the World: HATS OFF

Hate and abhorrence against France are getting despicable day by day. Emmanuel Macron and pig-headed satirist announced their evil intentions to continue publishing blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. ‘Boycott French Products Drive’ Gathers Pace Across the World: HATS OFF.

Pakistanis on Monday joined the campaign to boycott French products in response to recent controversial comments. While the hashtag, #boycottfrenchproducts, was among the top trends on Twitter in Pakistan, leaders and scholars urged the citizens to stop consuming French products.

France is Provoking Muslims to take a Bloody Revenge

Religious scholar Muhammad Taqi Usmani tweeted

“After insults against the Holy Prophet by France and its president, will we continue buying and selling, and import of French products? They will only learn a lesson when Muslims around the world will boycott their products.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yells at Macron

Calls for a boycott of French products have been made in many Middle Eastern countries as well. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who earlier said,

“The French leader needs mental treatment, and Turkish citizens will never buy French products.”

Pakistan’s Prime Imran Khan condemned the French president anti-Islam stance

The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs beckoned the French ambassador to convey “deep concerns” over the recent “illegal and Islamophobic acts,” and condemned associating Islam with terrorism. Khan also wrote to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, asking him to ban Islamophobic content.

A teenager killed a School teacher for Displaying the Cartoons in a Class on Freedom of Speech

Earlier this month, Macron described Islam as,

“Islam is a religion in crisis, and we will announce plans for tougher laws to tackle Islamist separatism in France.”

His statement came after a teenager had recently killed a school teacher for displaying the cartoons in a class on freedom of speech.

According to Anadolu Agency

“France has shut down 73 mosques, schools, and workplaces this year. French government’s brashness against Muslims has led to an upsurge in Islamophobic actions and racist attacks in the country.”

The disturbing question is why the hate for Islam is deeply rooted in France? Many Islamic countries including Turkey convicted France’s Islamophobic actions consistently. Campaigns boycotting French products are proceeding on social media. Some countries removed French products off shelves at markets.

‘Boycott French Products Drive’ Gathers Pace Across the World: HATS OFF

President of France Emmanuel Macron remarks defending cartoons insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has caused outrage in the Muslim world as it unites and brands Macron as the devil. And, now it has triggered a global campaign to boycott French products.

Watch the complete video to cautiously and practically boycott all French products


Here are some reactions to the same on Twitter:

French Ministry is freaked out on boycott calls

French Foreign Ministry panicked as the calls for boycott grew intensely. Meanwhile, on Sunday, the ministry issued a written statement calling for this boycott to stop.

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