Boy Came to his Ex-Girlfriend Wedding & Public their Whatsapp Chat- HORRIFYING REVENGE

 Boy Came to his Ex-Girlfriend Wedding & Public their Whatsapp Chat- HORRIFYING REVENGE

A mobile phone is a medium of the unstipulated world of Relationships where Betrayal is Palpable. Boy Came to his Ex-Girlfriend Wedding & Public their Whatsapp Chat- HORRIFYING REVENGE.

In the Present World Extorting, Deceiving and then REVENGE became Easy and Done in a jiffy. Just hold on to perceive a real-life revenge story where trust is badly ripped off.

Boy Came to his Ex-Girlfriend Wedding & Public their Whatsapp Chat

Boy Came to his Ex-Girlfriend Wedding & Public their Whatsapp Chat- HORRIFYING REVENGE

Anik and Samia broke up two months before, the relationship was called OVER by Samia who did not find him “dedicated enough” to take the relationship to the next level. The love story span was comprised of only eight months.

Moreover, Anik did best to convince Samia of his faith and love to bring her back in his life but failed. Pitiably, Samia refused to believe Anik and snubbed him badly. In point of fact, Samia was moved on in her life leaving Anik distressed and deserted, and the disdainful state led him to do something ATROCIOUS.

Anik’s state of mind is impelled by Samia’s Wedding with a Canada-settled guy

Nevertheless, Anik’s blues transformed into destructive vengeance when he discovered that Samia’s father had arranged Samia’s wedding with some other guy who is well settled in Canada. Samia was desirous by an overseas luxurious life and break up with Anik was just a hollow excuse. Anik was dumbfounded to know the true reason behind the split, and then he took an exhilarating step to humiliate Samia which was unexpected and improbable for anyone.

Anik decided to attend Samia’s wedding where he behaved and acted customarily. All through the time, Anik appeared as normal, he ate food lavishly with guests and took pics with the bride and groom. Though Samia was entirely shaken to see Anik there, but she couldn’t utter a word to him as she was surrounded by many relatives in the vicinity.

The Horrifying Moment was Begun…….

During the food session, he drew out the’ printed copy’ of the screenshots of their intimate texts and then at liberty disseminated them to all guests who were at the wedding and then furtively left the venue.

Revenge from Many Phony Lovers who are at the Edge of Betrayal

Anik didn’t contact Samia after his “revenge” nevertheless, each and every time he recollects the vision of the wedding day of Samia it TRANQUILS him.


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