Atiqa Odho Clarifies Her Stance On Omair Rana’s Controversy

 Atiqa Odho Clarifies Her Stance On Omair Rana’s Controversy

Atiqa Odho holds a fabled beauty and owned by refined acting skills. Moreover, her presence in drama guarantees to capture masses of society. She is recently playing the role of a wife of Omiar Rana in drama PYAR KAY SUDKAY, yeah the same guy who is under hot waters these days due to the sexual allegations of LGS girls. Atiqa Odho Clarifies Her Stance On Omair Rana’s Controversy.

Atiqa Odho in her recent interview spoke about her being uncomfortable with Omair Rana while shooting which was later associated with his sexual harassment controversies. Though the interview became manipulative and Attiqa necessitates posting her positive stance On Omair Rana’s “HARASSING” uproar.

Atiqa Odho Clarifies Her Stance On Omair Rana’s Controversy

Atiqa Odho in an Interview had expressed her reluctance and agitation while making on-stage romance with Omair Rana.

“For me, the first romantic sequence with Omair Rana was a bit difficult, because I have known Omair as a friend. It wasn’t like working with Noaman Ijaz and Sajjid Hassan with whom I have done a lot of romantic scenes. So, when I was doing the first scene with Omair I was feeling a little awkward. He was fabulous, he was very natural, and he was very comfortable. I never said this to him. I am saying this to you that I felt a little uncomfortable because I have never seen Omair in this light so it made me a little uncomfortable”

Atiqa Odho’s statement about Omair Rana went viral and created a chaos

People getting irate and creating storming buzz against Omair Rana, as Omar Rana already has sexual harassment charges which made Atiqa Odho’s statement more controversial.

Taking to Instagram, Atiqa Odho has written a note to clarify the whole scenario in a quite sophisticated manner

“I want to clarify my stand on what I said in a recent interview regarding my co-star @omairana. I was talking about how it was awkward doing romantic scenes with him for the first time as we had never worked together before. Omair was very professional and an excellent artist to work with. He is my friend and I have great regard for him and his family so please stop trying to build controversy where it doesn’t exist. It is tragic to see how people are trying to tarnish his and his wife’s reputation without any proof of injustice done.”

“My experience with them as a family is a wonderful one as they are polite, civilized, educated, and decent people. Stop harassing them as they do have friends in this industry that will take action against such misconduct and misinformation as well.”

What could be voiced in this regard…. WE REALLY DO NOT KNOW!

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