Artist from Gujranwala Beat India to become Guinness World Record Holder

 Artist from Gujranwala Beat India to become Guinness World Record Holder

Many of us Must be Aware of the Artists Named Ahsan From Lahore.  He is an Outstanding Graphic Designer and Miniature Artist. Well, Ahsan just broke a Guinness World Record by Making 75 links from a Lead Pencil. So, Artist from Gujranwala Beat India to become Guinness World Record Holder.

Guinness World Records are known for their Peculiarity since 1955. The book of Unbelievable Records and their Holders Published Annually to Enthrall the World. 

However, The First Published Book was co-founded by Twin Brothers Norris and Ross McWhirter in Fleet Street, London, in August 1954. So, Guinness Book of World Records is the Best-Selling Copyrighted Book of all time. It Provokes Audacious Minded PEOPLE TO DO SOMETHING EXCLUSIVE AND DIFFERENT.

Artist from Gujranwala Beat India to become Guinness World Record Holder

Pakistan is Rich with Potentially Talented Daring People. Who are always Inclined to be the SOLE VICTOR. However, The Emerging Star has Snatched the Victory from an Indian Record holder and won NATIONS HEART. So, Ahsan Qayyum is a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD breaker, his Miniaturist Artistry Bestowed him by Unimaginable Triumph.

Ahsan is a Graphic Designer and Miniature artist, based in Lahore. He’s a Wonderful guy who belongs to Gujranwala and his course of action has been far-fetched. So, His artistry is Miniature that is Embellished with Extreme Delicacy and Detail. The glorious achievement of Ahsan requires lots of Concentration, Energy, and Perseverance.


However, Ahsan broke the Guinness World Record by making 75 links from a Lead Pencil. But, The Preceding Record was held by an Indian, Entailing 58 links.

The winning Annotations of AHSAN QAYUUM

”It is not an easy process at all. It takes about 6 months. You have to submit an application. Once your application is approved, they ask for strong evidence, consisting of the pictures or videos you have made during the entire process. Being unaware of the application process, So, I made a number of mistakes. But my record manager helped me through it”.

“On the second go, I was able to upload everything successfully. However, I originally broke the previously-held record of 50 links of lead. But during my application process, and Indian emerged with the world record of 58 links. Instead of getting dismayed, I worked and was able to break the record with a whopping 75 links.”

Let us take you to the Implausible World of Miniaturist art world of Ahsan Qayuum and you will be Dumbfounded by his Talent.

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. So, I made this Minare Pakistan overnight. 😅 Yesterday night, wasn't feeling well, when I got back home from office at 10 p.m. I thought to complete my uncompleted sculpture which is still incomplete xD. And started working on this one. Started it at 11 p.m. and completed it at 5 a.m. Offered my fajar prayer and slept at 6 a.m. And now em in office again, and yawning xD . #sculpture #art #pencil #pakistan #dawn_dot_com #vscopk #pinterest #instagram #flashh_pakistan #arts_promote #islamicrepublicofpakistan #leadpencil #minarepakistan #gettyimages #divamagazinepakistan #gtmagazine #miniature #travel #storiesofpakistan #artsculpture #dailpakistan #carving #peopleofpakistan #creative #etribune #locallylahore #talentagent #beautifulpakistan #macroart #monument

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This Is Sick Now! Amazing

The Two Guitars on the Pencil?

This Guy and his Talent is Just Unbelievable!

WELL DONE AHSAN! Nation of Pakistan is proud of you even the ARMED forces too.

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