An Allegedly Drunk Woman Assaults Police officials In Lahore: DISGUSTING

An Allegedly Drunk Woman Assaults Police officials In Lahore: DISGUSTING

It has been observed multiple times that the elite class is near the knuckle, whether it is about ‘Kernel ki bv’ or kernel himself. An Allegedly Drunk Woman Assaults Police officials In Lahore: DISGUSTING.

Moreover, yet another gut-wrecking incident is captured by local handy cameras. The episode is the sequel of the ill-bred so-called sophisticated upper crust of the society. The woman misbehaves with cops outside the Gloria jeans parking area, yeah it is the same café that is ill-famed of bizarre dramatics.

The Plot of the Felony

The plight occurred on Saturday night when an allegedly drunk woman and her male friend in Lahore’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA) twisted an upheaval. The oafish lady assaulted and abused a police officer outside a restaurant. A case has been registered against the suspect in the Defence B Police Station.

An Allegedly Drunk Woman Assaults Police officials In Lahore: DISGUSTING

Ensuing to footage of the woman, who was allegedly woozy, went viral on Saturday night, the police booked the suspect. In the bizarre video, the woman can be seen spanking and flinging abuse at policemen outside a high-end restaurant in Lahore’s DHA.

According to the CAFÉ authorities,

“The woman had first misbehaved with the staff of the café before coming on the street outside. In addition to this, the police officials say that the ruckus began when they both left the restaurant.”

Read of the statement of the café guard

“I asked the woman to stop drinking an alcoholic beverage in public. But she turned into a volcano and jumped into a heated argument and refused to do so. Seeing the hassle, the nearby police stopped by to end the uproar.”

According to the police,

“We tried to calm her down but to no avail. The intoxicated woman went wild and began slapping the police officials. She went on to tear the uniform of one of the officers who was trying to calm her down.”

According to the onlookers,

“The imbecilic lady was drunk. She misbehaved, pushed back, and abused the café guard and police officials.”

Watch the bizarre video here

After creating turmoil, the suspect and her friend then sat in their car and left the site. After the incident’s video surfaced on multiple social media platforms, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Umar Sheikh took notice of the incident. In addition to this, he has instructed an inquiry against her.

“I have appreciated the officers for not responding to the woman despite her attacks. The woman will be arrested as soon as possible.”

Several similar cases went uphill that is woeful. Last year, a man was recorded doing evil with the on-duty police official. Dolefully, bending the law with the cops has become an oral history.

We anticipate the early arrest of the lady.

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