Amna Ilyas ‘Body-Shaming’ Aminah Haq Raises Eyebrows on Social Media

 Amna Ilyas ‘Body-Shaming’ Aminah Haq Raises Eyebrows on Social Media

Negative annotation on people’s appearance not only hurts their feelings, but it also has the potential to affect their physical and psychological health as well. Amna Ilyas ‘Body-Shaming’ Aminah Haq Raises Eyebrows on Social Media.

Recently, Baji actress was seen making videos against whitening creams and body positivity, meanwhile, her two years back video about body shaming of former model Aaminah Haqq put her in TROUBLE. Physician heals thyself, comes fit to Amina Ilyas. The trolls and unsolicited comments about weight dwindle confidence and it “always hurts”.

Amna Ilyas ‘Body-Shaming’ Aminah Haq Raises Eyebrows on Social Media

Influenced by a salvo of photoshopped imageries, filtered inadequacies, and modified fashion spread to lure mass media. The one size fits all chronicles has oozed its way into the industry by pervading the minds of self-absorbed actors and skinny models whose humiliating judgments are nowhere close to the hot mess they perceive themselves to be.

Model Amna Ilyas took to social media to address her fat-shaming comments directed towards veteran model Aaminah Haq

Not only does Amna demean a senior model for her size, but she also endures to casually restate how cutting comments have been a part of her personality since she was a child; proudly highlighting that she was a bully.

“I was 6-years-old when we had a disabled cook Nauman – I used to make fun of his limping, calling him loora Nomi loora Nomi. When my cousin had a child, I wouldn’t embrace her in my arms, making faces at how pheeni she was (how bland her features were). I was 12 then. At 15, my school teacher had a speech impairment. I would imitate his stutter and stammering. I insulted my best friend for being too short, advised my bald neighbor to grow some hair, told my house help she had crooked teeth and made fun of the guests at my home for being too dark. I have never called a single person fat in my life, I prefer to use words like elephant, bull, or hippopotamus instead.”

Amna Ilyas 'Body-Shaming' Aminah Haq Raises Eyebrows on Social Media

Boastful of her size, the Baaji actor then stated

Aamina Ilyas proceeded to lecture her fans by saying.

“I said I’m none of those things because it’s true. I am not, I used to be.”

Obscenely tone-deaf and mockingly sour, she also clapped back at Haq, as if the first time wasn’t enough to humiliate the big actress-cum-model. Her ironic stance is no more acceptable and appreciative.

“Aaminah Haq, I cannot change what I said, I cannot undo the change I might have caused you but I try to be a better me every day.”

She poignantly directing focus on the plate of oily paratha sitting quite visibly in her hands. She examines and said. How egotistical!

“Fat and burnt black too.”

Watch the Soaring Unapologetic Video of the Supermodel


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Taking to her Instagram story, Haq responded,


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45. The journey to hitting 45 yesterday, has taken a fair share of soul searching during the past year. I think this year I truly began to appreciate how fragile and wonderful life is. That being “happy” is a deeply personal and sometimes difficult choice you have to make every single day. I believe in celebrating birthdays, special moments, personal victories, the people you love and the things that give you unadulterated joy. Every moment counts and should be treasured. This picture was taken during one of those rare picture perfect days , when the happiness and peace you feel inside helps you get through those not so perfect days! Sending my friends, family and fans a big hug. Thank you for always being there for me and helping me get here. Xxx

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The fact of making inapt and negative comments about another person’s appearance, body shaming is ubiquitous in our society, which should be discouraged on all levels.

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