Alvida Haseena Moeen: You’ll be Forever Alive Through 5 Most Loved Women Characters

 Alvida Haseena Moeen: You’ll be Forever Alive Through 5 Most Loved Women Characters

Woke up to this terrible news of Haseena Moin passing away. A maestro of her art of depiction and playwright. She truly empowered women by framing them as strong characters in her hypnotic dramas. She was simply the best playwright and dramatist in Pakistan ever produced. Alvida Haseena Moeen: You’ll be Forever Alive Through 5 Most Loved Women Characters.

Pakistan mourns the death of Haseena Moeen, who will always be remembered for her creation of five of the most adored women characters in the Pakistan drama industry. The playwright was known for creating autonomous characters, striving and poised. The kind of characters that are now hardly seen in Pakistani drama serials.

Alvida Haseena Moeen: You’ll be Forever Alive Through 5 Most Loved Women Characters

She created iron-willed female characters for television in an era that was quite relapsing towards women’s rights. The late Haseena Moin was branded for scripting about sturdy women in her dramas. To pay homage to the legendry playwright, Lahorified retreat to some of her dramas aired during the halcyon days of PTV and we’re rounding up our favorite female characters

In an interview with Dawn, Moin once spoke about her choice

 “I want all women around me confident and could take a stand when they sensed injustice”.

Here are our five favorite female characters from some of Moin’s most viewed television dramas to date.

Zoya from Dhoop Kinarey

Who can forget Zoya of Dhoop Kinaray, no one indeed!

Actor Marina Khan plays the gritty and emotive Dr. Zoya in this 1987 television drama. Following the wishes of her parents, the happy-go-lucky girl sets out to become quite the responsible and mature doctor. Zoya is shown for her determination to achieve anything that she sets her heart and mind to.

Najia from Parchaiyan

Actor Sahira Kazmi plays the inscrutable Najia in this Urdu adaptation of Henry James’ novel Portrait of a Lady. We see the fruition of Najia from a vibrant and somewhat overly headstrong girl to someone who’s more abstemious and mature in her slant towards life. The character is unrepentant for being the way she is and unquestionably isn’t one to keep quiet when she has an opinion on something. FYI: Parchaiyan was the first colored drama series to be aired on Pakistani TV.

Zara from Tanhaiyaan

Tanhaiyaan was a blockbuster hit of its era. It is about two sisters overriding the challenges life flings at them when their parents pass away in a car crash. The older sister Zara, played by the actor Shehnaz Sheikh, is mature, strongminded, and amazingly career-driven. Even better, Zara knows when to line up herself and break away from a toxic relationship. The drama serial was a huge success at the time it was aired in 1986.

Roshan from Parosi

Marina Khan plays the role of an impetuous woman, Roshan who was against the belittling Rishta culture that governs Pakistani society. In the drama, Roshan is obdurate about never going through the rishta process herself, an act of boldness that we adore and respect her for.

Sana from Ankahi

Yet another victory of Shehnaz Sheikh to play the ever-determined Sana, a young enthused girl from a mediocre family. Her actions in life reflect her strong beliefs and positive approach, and power to stand up for what’s right and support her loved ones. Sana incapacitates many impediments to help support her family financially. In this drama, Moin efficaciously creates a character that is witty and intelligent, and altruistic towards her loved ones.

We strongly acclaim you to grip a hot cup of tea and sit back on your couch to watch some of Moin’s greatest dramatic wonders and observe the real strong women of Pakistan.

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