Airing of Ertugrul Ghazi has Created Heatwaves Among Pakistani Celebrities

 Airing of Ertugrul Ghazi has Created Heatwaves Among Pakistani Celebrities

Pakistan can’t stop buzzing Diliris Ertugrul, whether it is Awaam or Pakistani Personas every one is discussing the royal Turkish content. Even religious scholars also recommended Ertugrul to watch as it does not fall in the category of “HARAM”. Airing of Ertugrul Ghazi has Created Heatwaves Among Pakistani Celebrities.

Since the Turkish drama aired on PTV in Urdu, there has been a huge verbal dispute as to whether this was the right move or not of Pakistan Government to “import Turkish content”?

Dirilis Ertugrul has Become the 2nd Global Pandemic after Corona

The drama is the representation of the majestic Islamic history and is one of the biggest tinkles in Pakistan right now… the second being a global pandemic.

Airing of Ertugrul Ghazi has Created Heatwaves Among Pakistani Celebrities

Shaan Shahid

Shaan was the first one to record his part of apprehensions regarding the foreign content!

“When a state-owned channel for which I pay taxes extends its support to foreign content, I begin to lose hope. I don’t have anything against Ertugrul, or against any product that is done well. I have never said anything against foreign content being aired on a privately aired channel. Some years ago, Turkish soaps Ishq-e-Mamnoon and Mera Sultan were such huge hits but they were being shown on private channels. But when a state-owned channel for which I pay taxes extends its support to foreign content – and furthermore, my government especially endorses it – I begin to lose hope.”

Yasir Hussain

Then comes the Yasir Hussain who felt to be “threatened”

Reema Khan

Reema echoed Shaan Shahid’s sentiments!

” Television shows produced in Pakistan in the past, they should also be dubbed in Turkish and aired there (Turkey) in exchange through an arrangement with the government. This way the revenue generated there could be used to nurture local industry so out of work technicians and directors can’t find work. Shaan Shahid had raised his voice against the airing of foreign content on national television. I would like to second him that it is unfair to promote foreign content, especially when your own artists are sitting workless at home.”

Mehwish Hayat Also Expressed her Thoughts!

Mansha Pasha tried to Explain the Bigger Picture

“Those lambasting Yasir Hussain and calling the work in Pakistan “sub-par” seem to have forgotten what it takes to make content here. Even without any subsidy from the govt, even if u manage to gather ur own funds, ur projects can still bet banned or pulled off after clearance. Like Sarmad Khoosat’s film “Zindagi Tamasha.”Dont like the content here? Wonder why our content isnt as great as others? Because they have state patronage and we dont. And currently we are giving state patronage to foreign projects. Go figure.”

Neelam Munir Khan

Neelam Munir is happy on airing Ertugrul, and wished such majestic plays to be made in Pakistan too!

“I respect everyone’s opinion but broadcasting Turkish dramas in Pakistan should not be a problem for anyone.”

Maya Ali agreed with Butt

“We need to have more faith in our content, writers and work as an artist.”

Ali Kazmi says Turkish content a “Wake-Up Call”

Gohar Rasheed’s stance on airing Ertugral Ghazi

Usman Khalid Butt opposed celebs allegations over Ertugral

“Whoa, Ertugrul has really stirred the proverbial pot, hasn’t it? It’s almost as though there’s no precedent of a Turkish show gaining immense popularity in Pakistan before. This tweet is in praise of Dirilis: Ertugrul. The Turkish dramas I’ve seen are generally all binge-able but I’m consuming an unholy amount of this show. Is it a GoT fix? The excellent cast & plot? The intrigue, the reverence for customs & traditions? All of the above? Plus, isn’t this creating more job opportunities for local dubbing/VO artists? Praising a show like Ertugrul that promotes the importance of religion, culture & customs with nuance doesn’t automatically mean one doesn’t support the local industry. Of course, I’d love it if our national television uses the revenue generated from this series to create our own original content – shows that can rival Ertugrul in the narrative if not in scale, and showcase our own historical events.”

So, apparently, Humayun Saeed and more have had troubles with Turkish dramas since Ishq-e-Mamnun!

An article by Review It from 2012 has started making the rounds on social media that features Humayun Saeed, writer Syed Mohammed Ahmed, Bushra Ansari and Faisal Qureshi expressing their discontent over Turkish dramas gaining popularity and the thought of dubbing them. Yeap, eight years ago, Humayun claimed it to be “OUTRAGEOUS!”

Meanwhile, the cast for Ertugrul sure is elated by the love and success of the show in Pakistan.

What would you say? Share your views in the comment box!

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