A Jewish YouTube Star Jay Palfrey Converts to Islam: MaShaAllah!

 A Jewish YouTube Star Jay Palfrey Converts to Islam: MaShaAllah!

Islam is a religion of peace, love, and righteousness, its high-marked virtues entice non-Muslims to study, experience, and embrace the holy conviction whole-heartedly. ‘Islam Is Beautiful & Peaceful’, the soothing words uttered by a British YouTube star, who is a newbie Muslim. We comfy the British YouTube star who crossed the threshold of obliviousness. A Jewish YouTube Star Jay Palfrey Converts to Islam: MaShaAllah!

Specifics of the Blessed Being

British YouTuber J. Palfrey has converted to Islam. Yes, the soul-shattering news is true!

Palfrey gave the shuddering news in a video titled ‘I became a Muslim’. Moreover, the famous YouTuber shared his mystical experience. He shared the motivational push that leads him to embrace Islam. He said his visits to Muslim countries inspired him to take the life-changing decision.

Palfrey is a British travel vlogger. He has some 534,000 subscribers on YouTube.

According to Palfrey,

“I did not intend to share my spiritual quest with anyone however, I later changed my mind. I was originally not going to share this with you, but a lot of people have found peace and inspiration in my journey through researching Islam. As I travelled around the world, I met wonderful people. During my constant travels, I learned a lot and gained experience, but at the same time, I had the opportunity to understand spiritual existence, … While living in Islamic countries, I also came to understand the truth of Islam, which is a very beautiful, peaceful but most misunderstood religion.”

A Jewish YouTube Star Jay Palfrey Converts to Islam

Palfrey Expressed Gratitude for his Admirers

“I would thank all the fans for their support. I have been receiving many messages following my announcement.”

The Youtube star shared chunks of revelations for converting to Islam in a video clip!

How his Mother Reacted to Banging News?

In the meantime, Palfrey also recorded his mother’s reaction in another video when he told her about his conversion. The reaction was not expected from a Jewish mother, that was unbelievably adorable. Overhear heart-melting words of Palfrey’s mother.

Previous, a Canadian traveller Rosie Gabrielle had also converted to Islam and she also elucidated why she made the life-changing verdict in a long inspiring Instagram post. And, then there was a Jewish man who converts to Islam after ostensibly seeing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his dream.

We would welcome Palfrey in Islam and hope this conversion would be smooth and enthralling for him. May Allah honour him to practice the teachings of Islam for good in the future.

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