400-Year-Old Mysterious Tunnel Found During Restoration at Lahore Fort

 400-Year-Old Mysterious Tunnel Found During Restoration at Lahore Fort

Four centuries-old furtive tunnels ran to the ground during digging at Lahore fort. An expected discovery caught a national and international audience. 400-Year-Old Mysterious Tunnel Found During Restoration at Lahore Fort.

During the refurbishment work at the Royal Fort in Lahore, a 400-year-old tunnel has been stumbled on. Moreover, the discovered tunnel is a secret passage and was used as drainage or spillways, as observed by the experts and voiced to The Express Tribune.

The Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) Sub-Engineer Hafiz Umran opened up with media

“I was working on the project that the walls of the tunnel buried in the heart of Lahore are firmly in place and that the tunnel is well ventilated and lighted, while it features niches to light the lamps.”

“The water collected in the fort during the rainy season used to accumulate in the tunnels, which had damaged various portions of the fort. This has also damaged Moti Masjid, Maktab Khana, Haveli Mai Jindan and the museum building. For the water to not stay accumulated, the 625-foot-long tunnel has been repaired and cleaned to enable drainage. The discovery path is like catacombs and might head to somewhere, and it is undoubtedly a thrilling experience. Snakes and scorpions were also found during the excavation. We are happy that the tunnel is functional. The tunnel has been restored using the traditional method, without modern machines and equipment.”

After excavating in different parts of the royal fort, the Walled City of Lahore Authority had also discovered ammo, royal kitchen, Jahangir-era baths, basements under the Black Bridge, and corridors. The details are hypnotic for history lovers and curious to view the spot. It is yet not known that the belted area is opened for the public or it is intended to keep under the hood.

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