15 Weirdest Yet Interesting Superstitions Things In Life

 15 Weirdest Yet Interesting Superstitions Things In Life

Superstition is a name of a belief that doesn’t contain any logic and scientific explanation but still people across the globe widely believe on some certain superstitions. No matter which school of thought they belong to but they do believe them. We are not going to highlight the most common ones as 13th Friday, black cat crossing your way etc we all have heard a lot about them.15 Weirdest Yet Interesting Superstitions Things In Life

Here we have a bucket list of some really weirdest superstitions that are believed worldwide. Lets take a look and get amused:

15 Weirdest Yet Interesting Superstitions Things In Life
15 Weirdest Yet Interesting Superstitions Things In Life

Yellow flowers denote infidelity

In Russia it is believed that one should not give yellow flowers to his/her friend as it indicates that you are actually cursing your buddy with betrayal and disloyalty.

Cheering with water can invite death

It is a German belief that says one should not cheers with water as by doing so you wish death upon the ones you are drinking water with.

Walking backwards can bring misfortune

If you don’t belong to Portugal then you can happily walk backwards but in Portugal it is considered unfortunate to walk backwardly. By doing so it means you are inviting devil to follow you.

A poop of a bird brings good luck

A bird’s poop can bring a good fortune to you that’s what the Russian believe. According to this belief if a poop of any bird will land on you or on your belonging then it can bring prosperity to you.

Placing mirrors opposite each other invite the devil

This is one particular thing I have played with in my childhood a lot, placing mirrors opposite to each other always used to amuse me immensely. In Mexico it is not considered a very healthy sign as it is believed that infinite images of mirrors can open a way for the fiend.

Itchiness in right palm will bring prosperity

It is a strong belief in Turkey that itchiness in your palm of right hand can bring wealth to you. On the other-hand if you have an itchiness in your left hand then it means you are going to lose wealth.

Whistling outdoor is ok but indoor can invite evil

In Lithuania it is considered unfortunate to whistle indoor as it can call the demons and sprites. As long as you whistle outdoor it is fine but indoor can be really dreadful.

Wishing birthday early can bring hard luck

Wishing birthday before time can call upon a bad luck according to a Russian belief. You have to congratulate on time, not before time.

Going right to your home from a funeral can be awful

After a funeral one should not go right to his home as by doing so an evil sprit can follow you and can enter in your house with you. It is a Filipino belief to go somewhere else from a funeral and then go home to avoid the bad spirit.

Owls are considered as bad portents

Owl is that bird that weird rumors are often associated with it. Mostly owls are considered bad omens. According to an Egyptian superstition hearing an owl, seeing an owl indicates that soon you will receive an appalling news.

To sleep with your head directing towards north can cause bad luck

One must not sleep with his head towards north side as it can bring hard luck to him according to a Japanese belief. Similarly, in Africa it is believed that one must avoid sleeping with his head towards west as it can bring misfortune to him.

Wearing red color during a storm can invite lightening

Wearing red colored dress during storm can attract lightening that’s what the people of Philippines believe

Playing with scissors can invite misfortune

One should not play with scissors as it can be really dangerous but in Egypt it is avoided because it can bring bad luck to you.

Getting a haircut done on Tuesday can be awful

A haircut gives you a whole new look but try not to go for it on Tuesday if you dwell in India as mostly people believe that getting a haircut on Tuesday can bring mishaps to you. Try other days no problem just spare Tuesday.

Keeping broken mirrors at home can invite danger

We have often heard about this superstition from our elders and olders that one should not keep broken mirrors at home. Some believe it can ruin the peace of your home, some say it can invite dangers.

How superstitious are you? After reading all the above are you going to add them in your list of superstitions you believe on? No matter where we live, how much educated we are, how modern we get the superstitions do follow us and we (most of us) follow them.

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