13-Year-Old Arzoo Raja Was Forcibly Converted & Married: People Want Justice

13-Year-Old Arzoo Raja Was Forcibly Converted & Married: People Want Justice

It is beyond belief that how could a Muslim man abduct a minor non-Muslim girl to get marry and for conversion to Islam. Islam does not allow potent conversion rather than a religion that a conscious willing applied to all aspects of life. Arzoo Raja, 1a 13 years old Christian girl’s abduction and compelling adaptation of religion is a slap on our judiciary. 13-Year-Old Arzoo Raja Was Forcibly Converted & Married: People Want Justice.

The Movement for Solidarity and Peace calculates that annually up to 1,000 young Christian and Hindu girls aged between 12 and 25 are abducted by Muslim men, forcibly married, and converted. The Sindh court has handed the custody of 13-year-old Arzoo to her 44-year-old kidnapper, who forcibly converted her.

Briefcase History of Arzoo Raja…and Why it is so Appalling?

According to media officials,

“The incident happened in Karachi where Azhar Ali kidnapped the child, forcibly converted her, and married her. However, the predicament still doesn’t end here. The Sindh High Court has handed the custody of Arzoo to the same captor, despite clear evidence that she was under-age. The court order patently states that Arzoo has converted to Islam and contracted marriage on her own “free will”. The court also ordered the police not to arrest Azhar and the other persons nominated in the FIR by the girl’s family and to ensure the security of the couple.”

Her birth certificate issued by NADRA clearly states that she is merely a 13-year-old child

And a minor could easily be pressured into conversion and marriage

Twitter is inflamed over the unjust decision

They are enquiring about the system that tolerates that cracks human rights and distort Islamic theories

What is our standing in the tormenting case of Arzoo Raja?

Australian actor, Nathaniel Buzolic also shared the same on Instagram, demanding justice for Arzoo

This case is notoriously famous and its screams could be heard in the outside world too. The white part of our flag signifies minorities as equal citizens of Pakistan. Arzoo’s case is one of the many cases of forced conversions in Pakistan, that is in due course brushed off under the rug. Basic compassion and humanity should dictate raising our voice against such palpable human rights desecrations.

The authorities should actively work to make Pakistan a place where citizens are not vulnerable due to their conviction. Till then, let’s raise our voice till Arzoo gets back to her family.

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