10th Grader Hunain Tortured to Death by School Teacher- People are Demanding Justice

 10th Grader Hunain Tortured to Death by School Teacher- People are Demanding Justice

Since from a couple of months, mournful news is unswervingly breaking out in the media. Afterward, Rehan, Salah-u-Din, another innocent person is tortured to death, it is about a 10th grader student Hafiz Hunain Bilal. The humanity is Grief-Strikingly crushed by the hands of a “Rohani bap”, a teacher. 10th Grader Hunain Tortured to Death by School Teacher- People are Demanding Justice.

Corporal punishment in schools is a real problem in this country. Some teachers feel as though their position as a teacher gives them the power to do whatever they want with their students. This kind of abuse of power is exactly what led to the birth of campaigns like #MeToo and #TimesUp.

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A brief Plot of the Lethal Delinquency

The deadly crime is administered in the territory of school premises. It is reported that Hafiz Hunain Bilal was the student of grade 10 in American Lycetuff in Gulshan Ravi. On Thursday, he is murdered by his teacher Kamran on an “Inexcusable Offense”. His felony was unpardonable and the teacher had no way out except to kill him, and it is that Hunain was failed to memorize his lesson.

The news was Broke by his Cousin in a Thread on Twitter. So. she shared the complete Plot that how his teacher, Kamran Hashmi, has tortured and beaten him to death.

The friends and Classmates tried to Stop the teacher but he was already passed out before stoping the Monster.

The Investigation is under Process AS ALWAYS…

Classmates of the poor kid are bystanders of the alleged murder. Moreover, police have arrested the teacher and body is sent to the morgue for autopsy. Hafiz Hunain was so badly tortured that he was announced dead when reached the hospital. However, the case has been enumerated by the police on behalf of the boy’s father under Sections 302 (punishment of qatl-i-amd).

The Minister of Education for Punjab, Murad Ras, has taken notice about the case. Apparently, he will be filing charges against the Culprit.

The Statement made by Hunain’s Father in FIR

How come a teacher can be so short-tempered that he couldn’t honor his profession and became a BUTCHER. According to Hunain’s father school administration was tormenting his son for last many days due to the non-payment of school dues. That was later submitted on the same day, how disgusting our system is, that if tutoring dues will be a little bit late the life of your kid would be in danger.

Now it is the grave concern of all the parents that school administration can kill their kid on some financial conflict. Subsequently, the teacher will play the role of an assassin. It is SHAMEFUL AND EMBARRASSING.

A Statement was given by Hunain’s Classmates

  • He was punched repetitively
  • The teacher was pulling his hair like CRAZY
  • Hitting Hunain’s head against the wall, and continuously shrieking at him
  • He was punched in his stomach
  • And then he fell unconsciously on the floor

So, According to the 10th-grade students, Sir Kamran was in a habit to beat the students on petty issues, he always hit hard on their heads. He had terminated from the job and a few months back resumed again to KILL THE POOR HUNAIN.

10th Grader Hunain Tortured to Death by School Teacher- People are Demanding Justice.

People are questioning the Dented system in which we’re living. The culture of beating Students is endangering the lives of Students. We need to get rid of that for the betterment of our upcoming Generations.

So, Here’s How People Reacted:


However, It is a reprehensible felony and a slap on humanity. School and society are equally responsible and accountable for EMPLOYING A SLAYER DISGUISED AS A TEACHER.

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