The Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone in 2019

 The Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone in 2019

Weight loss app is a loving utility for who wants to be in shape. It meets the digital requirements and is handy and hassle-free. Weight loss apps acquire treasured info, effective communication tools and equipped with enthused diet plans for Android and iPhone. The Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone in 2019.

Not only are Weight Loss Apps are Easy to use, but many of their benefits are also Supported by Scientific Evidence. So, here are The Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone in 2019,

Lose It App- Track Your Calories and How to Burn Them

It is the Ultimate Calorie Counting App.  The app will ask you a few basic questions about yourself and then give you a daily calorie target based on how much weight you want to lose. The Price of the App is Totally Free.

Major perks it offers:

  • Easy to use
  • You can share the food recipes.
  • It provides complete health fitness by connecting you with other apps.
  • You can go for a premium in $39.99 to avail more enthralling options.

Sweat Coin App

Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit is an app to get rewards simply by Walking. It’s also free for Android and iPhone users.

Major perks it offers:

  • Simple to use
  • Sweat coin does not restrict for a particular plan rather follow few simple steps to proceed.
  • It pays 0.95 sweat coins for one thousand outdoor steps.
  • The steps are motivated and enthused.
  • There is an ample amount of amazon gift cards that are offered off and on to motivate you.

MyFitnessPal App- Food Tracking App with the Largest Database

It has the Largest Food Library as Compare to all other Weight Loss Apps. You can use MyFitnessPal to track hundreds of exercises from within the app. It is also a Free App.

Major Perks it offers:

  • Simple to use
  • It is a Nifty App that Empowers your Food Intake and Workouts.
  • It allows you to get Connected with your Comrades to Stay Motivated.
  • It Permits you to go through the Searchable Database to add Food log in your device.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

8fit is a Physical Fitness App that lets you follow a Variety of Specific Programs geared at Fulfilling Different objectives. It’s a Free App but we can go for Premium Version to avail some awesome options in $5 Month.

Major perks it offers:

  • Weight loss schedules energetically explained.
  • It provides striking meal plans to shed some pounds.
  • It comes with a hundred% customized workout programs.

The Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone in 2019

Weight Watchers App- Food and Fitness Tracker

The App Provides Easy-to-use Food and Fitness tracker. Thousands of Delicious Recipes, and the Support you Need to Lose Weight and Build Healthy Habits for Life. It’s for Free.

Major perks it offers:

  • Handy to use
  • Easy clangs and recommendations regarding food intake.
  • It tracks on your food intake.

The Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone in 2019

Noom Coach App- A Digital Coach for Weight Loss

Noom Coach is an Android phone app that acts as a Digital Coach that tells you what to do in order to Lose Weight. It Motivates and Encourages you by giving Inspiring Messages. Noom Coach App is Free With Trial Basis.

Major perks it offers:

  • Handy to use
  • It uses psychology-based tactics.
  • Doctor-created programs to organize certain high conditions like diabetes etc.
  • It directs like a personal trainer.

The Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone in 2019

Fitness Buddy App- Gym Workout and Home Exercises

It is the largest Exercise Database out there with Thousands of Unique Exercises Available. It charges a trifling price of $3.99 on iPhone and $2.99 for Android.

Major perks it offers:

  • Simple to use
  • It comprises above than 1,7000 exercises.
  • Tracks your steady progress of Fitness and Stimulates by showing Motivational Videos.
  • It allows a Personalized Plan of Exercise Routine.
  • You can also Complement the Latest Movies into your Daily Schedule.

Stated above are a few Weight loss apps for Android and iPhone, there are many more that are equally good. For instance, Runkeeper app, Nike+ Run Club, MyNetDiary Pro, Fitbit app, Fitocracy app, Up app, Fooducate app, and Kurbo Health Coaching.

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