People are Accusing Sadaf Kanwal of Syra & Shehroz Probable Divorce

 People are Accusing Sadaf Kanwal of Syra & Shehroz Probable Divorce

These days Social Media is Contemptuously Dragging a “Private Matter” of Syra and Shehroz, and Recurrent Gossip Led people to post their unnecessary judgment. People are Accusing Sadaf Kanwal of Syra & Shehroz Probable Divorce

Meanwhile, People are Curious to know their Marital Standing whether two are going to Divorce Soon or have Divorced.

While speaking to The Express Tribune, Sheroz Shabzwari’s father Behroze Sabzwari spoke

 “It is an extremely private matter, how can people say so many things without verification and make things even worse for the people involved? How is it ethical to talk about someone’s divorce when it hasn’t happened? How is a couple’s private conflict even someone else’s problem? There is an ongoing conflict, just like there is in every family. The couple is going through something that we’re hoping will resolve and they are trying as well.

However, dragging a third person into the matter is immoral. She is also someone’s daughter, just like Syra is our daughter. She is the mother of our grandchild and we love her. Syra is currently staying with her ailing father and the two got married with their own will so everyone’s hoping they will resolve things on their own. There is no divorce, God forbid anything like that and people spreading these false rumors will be answerable one day. We are all hoping that God helps resolve the problem.”

People are Accusing Sadaf Kanwal of Saira & Shehroz Probable Divorce

People are Accusing Sadaf Kanwal of Syra & Shehroz Probable Divorce

The Duo got married Seven Years ago and was Blessed with a baby girl in 2014. People are reproving Sadaf Kanwal for her Alleged Engrossment in the happily wed couple’s life.

Buzzes are widespread about Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Shahroz getting divorced over the weekend and speculation about the causes and insinuations is unusual.

Shahroz Finally Spoke to the Media

“They’ve dragged Sadaf Kanwal into it and I’ve only known her for a month and that too, just as a friend. Syra left the house 6 months ago, it was her decision. That said, there’s been no khula or divorce; we’re just separated at the moment.”

The Scornful issue Pointed out by ANOUSHEY ASHRAF regarding “personal life became public concern” on Instagram about the “tittle-tattle gossip on social media of Syra and Shehroz divorce”

“Social media should be the first to apologize for ‘breaking’ the news,” wrote the host, VJ, actor, model, and designer. I know our lives are not private, but our feelings, families, kids, etc exist in this world too. They too get severely affected. They print everything [whether] it’s real or no. As an artist, colleague and someone who knows you all, am just sending you strength, hugs and hope you can ride this difficult time being unaffected by these vicious accusations, assumptions and articles that [affect] lives, families, mental health, etc to an extent many don’t understand, including our publications. My love to you I hope whatever you’ll choose for yourself brings peace, privacy, and respect as you deserve.”

Sadaf Validated Shahroze’s Statement

“We had met at an event where we performed together after Syra and Shahroz had already been separated for five months. Shahroz and I are just friends! We met a month ago!”

Social media should respect the personal lives of celebrities, as they are ordinary human beings who entail personal space and private family clandestineness.

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