NA Passes Historical Resolution For ‘Public Hanging’ Of Child Abusers!

 NA Passes Historical Resolution For ‘Public Hanging’ Of Child Abusers!

Child Abuse is a Sickening Crime of a Society. In Pakistan, mass and social media have played a vital role in society’s awakening. Since Zainab’s abused and brutally murdered case, people were distraught and wanted to hanged child molesters PUBLICLY. NA Passes Historical Resolution For ‘Public Hanging’ Of Child Abusers!

Finally, The National Assembly of Pakistan has approved a historic resolution for the hanging of child molesters. Many legislators have supported the decision and some have declared this as an act of “silliness”.

The National Assembly on Friday, 7th Feb 2020 a LANDMARK DAY IN THE HISTORY OF PAKISTAN

NA conceded a resolution to publicly hang child abusers, and the news would be healing for victim families. Furthermore, many political personas reacted “weirdly and insensitively” to the notion. Nevertheless, our society is getting sore as the number of reported and unreported cases increased, so it is undoubtedly a good sign, the first step towards justice.

NA Passes Historical Resolution For ‘Public Hanging’ Of Child Abusers!
NA Passes Historical Resolution For ‘Public Hanging’ Of Child Abusers!

What would be the Legal Discourse to Annihilate “Child pornography ‘Ring in Kasur”?

The authorities are still not sure about the legal dissertation of what has happened in Kasur for years. Veteran journalist Dr. Shahid Masood had once stated that a mafia was running a ‘child pornography‘ ring in Kasur.

For the Matter of Public Execution of a Child molester…. WHY POLITICIANS ARE SEPARATED IN TWO DIFFERENT SENTIMENTS??

Shireen Mazari, the Federal Minister of Human Rights responded to the notion

“The resolution passed in NA today on public hangings was across party lines and not a govt-sponsored resolution but an individual act. Many of us oppose it – our MOHR strongly opposes this. Unfortunately, I was in a mtg and wasn’t able to go to NA.”

Investment banker and human-rights activist, Mir Mohammad Ali Khan, chagrined Mazari’s stance

Do you oppose the death penalty for child rapists?  Are you having a misguided morality attack based on the western narrative? Would you want your child to be raped (God Forbid) and the rapist walk free after a few years of punishment? You want Human Rights but without punishment?

The Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Ch Fawad Hussain, also opposed the idea of public execution

“It is inhuman to hang people publicly, it shows our extremism and manifests our barbarism. I strongly condemn this resolution this is just another grave act in line with brutal civilization practices, societies act in a balanced way barbarianism is not answered to crimes…… this is another expression of extremism.”

The momentous resolution has shown vivid segregation of perception. On the one side of the spectrum, people are stating it as a retrospection of “extremism” that can offend the United Nations. On the other side of the spectrum, people want emotional armistice which they did not get even after buried the stabbed and crumbling body of the poor kid.

Public execution can diminish the rate of depraved crime and let our kids play and run without harm and fear.

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