McDonald’s Mathmania is Damn Entertaining…Winners can Win Cash Prizes up to Rs 100,000

 McDonald’s Mathmania is Damn Entertaining…Winners can Win Cash Prizes up to Rs 100,000

Today we are living in a Busy and Strenuous world where teaching and learning Require Innovative Tactics to Develop Interest. Students usually find Mathematics a Gasping and Grueling subject as it Demands a Quick and Energetic Brain that aims to Absorb the Pro-Active Approach of Learning. McDonald’s Mathmania is Damn Entertaining.

Moreover, the Development of Critical Aptitude of Analytical Logic in Students is the Rock-Hard Prerequisite of Advanced Learning to Strive for the World.

McDonald’s has taken an initiative in Pakistan to Abridge Maths Aversion and Enthusiasm by the Innovative Method of Folklore.

McDonald Mathmania is Damn Entertaining

McDonald’s Mathmania is Damn Entertaining…Winners can Win Cash Prizes up to Rs 100,000

With this competition, the fast-food restaurant chain is fetching an operative learning opportunity that brings with cash prizes and delectable McDonald’s mealtimes.

What is Mathmania AFTER ALL?

McDonald’s Mathmania is a competition to evaluate the mathematical knowledge and analytical skills of challengers through multiple-choice questions with flavorsome results. Moreover, it is a yummy way to attract sluggish minds by propelling them in means of ROKRA. Furthermore, students of grade three to matriculation/Olevel can take part in the contest.

 Mathmania contest takes place in 3 stages

  • Online stage – where participants give the quiz online
  • Shortlisting – where the best scores are hand-picked
  • Final on-ground grand competition – seeded participants compete with each other on the spot

Cash prizes Ranges

Rs100,000 for the first position holder, Rs50,000 for the second and Rs25,000 for the third. WOOHOO…

How to participate?

  • Contestants can visit their nearest McDonald’s restaurant, get an access code for Rs500 and collect a voucher
  • Enter an assigned access code from the voucher on the McDonald’s app

Start bidding quizzes and keep recording points and exchange points in the McDonald’s app

Keep Scoring till 3rd March 2020

Proper test-screening will be done and top scorers from the online competition will be invited. 70 shortlisted candidates will finally participate in the grand competition.

It is undoubtedly a brainy way to school all those students who are allergic to mathematics, so GET THE VOUCHER AND ENTER IN THE LIP-SMACKING WORLD OF CASH-WAR!

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