Man Kills Sister For Not Serving Him Lunch… HOW SICKENING

 Man Kills Sister For Not Serving Him Lunch… HOW SICKENING

The Brother-Sister Relationship is one of the Most Harmonious Relationships in the World and Asian Norms Predominantly. Nevertheless, Sporadically a few stomach-turning news blows our mind. Man Kills Sister For Not Serving Him Lunch… HOW SICKENING the World is Turning into.

That Recent Appalling Newsflash is about a man who killed his sisters for not Serving him lunch, Seriously!! Rather it is Awful to believe. On such a Menial Subject how could a Brother Murder his Sisters?

Pitiably, it’s a harsh reality that in Pakistan, any type of domestic violence is done without any distress. Though, it seems men have the authorization to converse “PHYSICALLY” with women. The wretched news is of Kasur where a man killed his sisters for not serving him lunch. Professedly, that Kasur is a place of ZAMANAY-JAHILIUT, a long list of brutal crimes in the last decade is perceived in Kasur. 

Man Kills Sister For Not Serving Him Lunch… HOW SICKENING

In the Sheikhum village, a man shot dead two of his sisters for not serving him a meal timely. The duple manslaughter took place in the jurisdiction of Sara-i-Mughal police station. Moreover, the victims and the accused’s father lodged an FIR of the incident. After the gunfire, the suspected “brother” absconded from the crime spot. The pitiful delinquency is heart-rending and such reprobates are meant to be RIGHT AT THE GALLOWS!

Police claimed to have officially detained the suspect and lodged a double murder case against him.

According to the plaintiff, Rafiq Masih’S Statement recorded at the police station

“My son Ashar Masih engaged in a verbal spat with his sisters Maryam Bibi and Astar Bibi for not serving him with lunch. Later, Ashar allegedly opened fire at Maryam and Astar. Maryam died on the spot from the bullet wounds, while Astar was rushed to Pattoki THQ Hospital. She too died from her injuries a few hours later.”

Such crimes should be denounced at every level and chastised the offenders on the quickest basis. The resentful question is why women’s life is SUSTII TREEN in Pakistan. Besides, in women march banners like ‘khana khud garam krlo‘ and ‘chai khud bana lo‘, are mocked badly, but manifests a NASTY reality.

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