Mahira Khan Sends an Imperative Message to Refugees

 Mahira Khan Sends an Imperative Message to Refugees

Mahira Khan is the name of the Nation’s Pride and Global Recognition. She has a Virtuous Repute for a Good Cause and Always Being Strong Vocals for Charitable Questions. Recently, Mahira Khan Sends an Imperative Message to Refugees.

Mahira Khan is Chosen UNCHR’S Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan, which proves Mahira Khan, not just a Celebrity but also a Good Human Being.

Mahira Khan Sends an Imperative Message to Refugees

Recently, Mahira Khan has joined hands with Riz Ahmed, Care Blanchett, Ben Stiller, Benedict Cumberbatch, and many others to share an imperative message. As being a UNCHR’S Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan, Mahira Khan is always seen doing something positive for refugees. She indulged herself in activities that could bring light and hope in the life of a refugee. Mahira joined hands with team fellows to share the message regarding playing a role to make the lives of refugees better.

Here’s The Heart-Touching Video Message

The Important Message Behind the Video

Mahira Khan accentuated in the video that the life of a refugee is equally important. He\she have the same dreams, hopes, and expectations from life and relationships. They should be provided with opportunities to get the education to brighten their lives. If refugees can get a chance they will thrive in the future and can play a positive role for their family and society as well.

Mahira Khan has Proudly Said

“Pakistan has set an example for the world, where a country has hosted refugees for the last forty years.”

Mahira shared the video on her Instagram handle WITH An APPEALING CAPTION

 “We’re proud to speak up for refugees everywhere. We all have a part to play in helping somebody else. Including me. …What will yours be?”

Mahira Khan is a personification of a beautiful heart THAT can feel the pain of KHULQAY KHUDA. The quintessence of high morals on humanitarian grounds can be seen in the real SUPERSTAR MAHIRA KHAN.

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